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And for sale by the Booksellers, generally, in the United States.


ticularly to illustrate the Universal Geography, Way to Wealth, Honour, and Distinction. by M. Malte-Brun.

“We most cordially recommend the American The Atlas is particularly adapted for Colleges, Chesterfield to general attention; but to young Academies, Schools, and Private Families. There persons particularly, as one of the best works of is no work that ever was published in this country the kind that has ever been published in this which has received more numerous and flattering nor its perusal be unproductive of satisfaction and NEW SONG BOOK.–Grigg's Southern and country. It can not be too highly appreciated, recommendations. usefulness."

Western Songster: being a Choice Collection BIGLAND'S NATURAL HISTORY OF of the Most Fashionable Songs, many of which ANIMALS, 12 coloured plates.

are Original, in 1 vol. 18mo. BIGLAND'S NATURAL HISTORY OF no Song that contained, in the slightest degree,

Great care was taken in the selection to admit BIRDS, 12 coloured plates.

any indelicate or improper allusions. Tho imPERSIA, A DESCRIPTION OF. By Sho- mortal Shakspeare observesberl, with 12 coloured plates.

“ The man that has not music in himself, These works are got up in a very superior style,

Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds and well deserve an introduction to the shelves of

Is fit for treasons, stratageins, and spoils." every family library, as they are very interesting, SENECA'S MORALS.-By way of abstract and particularly adapted to the juvenile class of to which, is added a Discourse, under the title readers.

of an After-Thought, by Sir Roger L'Estrange, BENNET'S (Rev. John,) LETTERS TO A

Knt., a new fine edition, in 1 vol. 18mo. YOUNG LADY, on a variety of subjects cal- CONVERSATIONS ON NATURAL PHIculated to improve the heart, to form the man LOSOPHY, in which the Elements of that ners, and enlighten the understanding. “That Science are familiarly explained. Illustrated our Daughters may be as polished corners of the with plates. By the author of "Conversations Temple."

on Chemistry," &c. With considerablc addiMuch of the happiness of every family depends

tions, corrections, and improvements in the body on the proper cultivation of the female mind. of the work; appropriate Questions, and a Glos

sary. By Dr. Thomas P. Jones. CARPENTER'S NEW GUIDE. Being a The correction of all the errors in the body of complete Book of Lines for Carpentry, Join the work, renders this edition very valuable; and ery, &c., in 1 vol. 4to.

all who understand the subject, consider it supeThe Theory and Practice well explained, andrior to any other in use. fully exemplified on eighty-four copper plates, including some observations, &c. on the Strength of CONVERSATIONS ON CHEMISTRY, in Timber, by Peter Nicholson. Tenth edition. This

which the Elements of that Science are familiarinvaluable work superseded, on its first appear

ly explained and illustrated by Experiments and ance, all existing works on the subject, and still Engravings on wood. From the last London retains its original celebrity.

edition. In which all the late Discoveries and

Improvements are brought up to the present HIND'S VETERINARY SURGEON, or time, by Dr. Thomas P. Jones. Farriery taught on a new and easy plan, being

All preceptors who have a sincere desire to ima Treatise on all the diseases and accidents to part a correct knowledge of this important science which the Horse is liable. With considerable to their pupils, will please examine the present additions and improvements, adapted particular- edition, as the correction of all the errors in the ly to this country, by Thomas M. Smith, Vete- body of the work renders it very valuable. rinary Surgeon, and member of the London Veterinary Medical Society, in 1 vol. 12mo.

A DICTIONARY OF SELECT AND POThe publisher has received numerous flattering

PULAR QUOTATIONS, which are in daily notices of the great practical value of this work.

use; taken from the Latin, French, Greek, The distinguished editor of the American Farmer,

Spanish, and Italian languages: together with speaking of the work, observes—“We can not

a copious collection of Law-maxims and Lawtoo highly recommend this book, and therefore ad

terms; translated into English, with Illustra

tions historical and idiomatic. Sixth American vise every owner of a horse to obtain it.”

edition, corrected, with additions. I rol. 12mo. MALTE-BRUN'S NEW AND ELEGANT In preparing this Sixth edition for the press,

4to ATLAS, exhibiting the Five Great Divi- care has been taken to give the work a thorough sions of the Globe, Europe, Asia, Africa, Ame-revision, to correct some errors which had before rica, and Oceanica, with their several Empires, escaped notice, and to insert many additional Quo. Kingdoms, States, Territories, and other Sub- tations, Law-maxims, and Law-terms.- In this divisions, corrected to the present time; and state it is offered to the public, in the stereotypo

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