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SIR THOMAS HENRY ELLIOTT, K.C.B., one of the honorary secretaries of the Royal Economic Society since its original foundation, has been appointed Deputy-Master and Comptroller of the Royal Mint. Sir Thomas Elliott, who is fifty-eight years of age, had been secretary of the Board of Agriculture since 1892. The very important extensions of the work of this office in recent years have all been carried out under his general direction, and the development of the Board of Agriculture into an important Department of State has chiefly taken place during his long reign there. The best wishes of members of the Royal Economic Society will follow Sir Thomas Elliott to his new position of greater ease and dignity; and apart from their personal feeling in regard to one who has so long served them, they will greatly welcome the fact that regard has been had to economic and administrative experience in appointing to an important office in relation to our currency, which has been used too often in the past as a reward for claims primarily political.

MR. A. L. BOWLEY has received the degree of Sc.D., and Mr. G. U. Yule the degree of M.A. honoris causa, in the University of Cambridge.

It has been decided to establish a Faculty of Commerce in the University of Durham, with degrees of Bachelor and Master of Commerce.


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BANK. "A valuation of the coal pits having been made (on a 9 per cent. basis), the coal owners must be compelled to exchange their share-script for Government bonds bearing interest at 3 per cent." This would leave a profit balance to the State of £10,500,000 annually for sinking fund, etc.

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man that the adoption of a legal Minimum Wage would in no
way increase the amount of maintenance which has to be
provided by the community, in one form or another, for persons
incapable of producing their own keep. It would, on the con-
trary, tend steadily to reduce it. . Minimum Wage Laws.

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reconciled ? Some Economic Aspects of Immigration before
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tinued in the next number. Le Brésil et l'industrie du Caout-
chouc. R. PICARD. Le Crédit ouvrier par l'assurance. P.
NABHOLZ. A theoretical study. Rclation entre les variations
annuelles du chômage, des grèves et des prix. C. Rist. With
reforence to a recent contribution by M. Lucien March to the
Bulletin de la statistique générale de la France. Prof. Rist
concludes that “le chômage volontaire est d'autant plus fort que
le chômage involontaire est plus faible, et réciproquement.
Between prices on the one hand and strikes and unemployment
on the other he can discover no marked statistical connection.

M. March replies briefly in the next number.
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Materialismus. ACHILLE LORIA. Verschmelzung und gegenseitige Penetration der Rassen und Nationalitäten: Statistiche Untersuchungen. F. SAVORGNAN. An attempt to determine a coefficient of homogamy" between races, colours, nationalities, etc. The illustrative statistics are mainly drawn from the Argentine, Budapest, and Boston. Die Arbeitsteilung im geistigen Leben. Eine Untersuchung ihrer hauptsächlichen Formen, Gesetze und Triebkräfte. W. HELLPACH." This study of the principle of division of labour is to be continued. Soziale Probleme des Dienstvertrages. Der Dienstvertrag im Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch für das Deutsche Reich_und im neuen schweizerischen Obligationenrecht. Pp. 74. E. ADLER. Die gegenwärtige Lage der Arbeiter in Japan und das Fabrikgesetz. K. KUWATA.


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Besitzsteuer für das Reich. H. WEISSENBORN. Geburten

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