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X. 457

V. 762

A Truce ..

... vii. 255


Vol. Page
HADLEY, ARTHUR T., Railroad in Its Business Relations, The *

.iv. 473
Half a Curse.

Octave Thanet..

.i. 151
Half-White, The...

.Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson..ix. 282
Hall, Clayton C., Municipal Finance

iii. 33
Hall, G. Stanley, Sand-Pile, The Story of a...

iii. 690
Hall, J. N., M.D., Wounded Animals, The Actions of..
Hamerton, Philip Gilbert, Past, Present, and Future.
Handicraft. (See "Revival of.'')
Happiness. Poem

Edith Wharton ....

vi. 715
Happy Accident, A ..

. Sophie Radford de Meissner..üii. 461
With illustrations by W. L. Taylor.
Hardy, Arthur Sherburne. Poems by:

ix. 31
My Friend...

.ix. 305
Harris, Joel Chandler, Aunt Fountain's Prisoner.

.i. 280
Harrison, Birge, Kangaroo Hunt, A *

ix. 419
Harte, Bret, Drift from Redwood Camp, A*

ii. 651
Hatteras and Henlopen. (See "Sand-Waves at.")
Haunted Room, A, Poem.

...John Hay
Haunts of the Black Sea-Bass, The.. Charles Frederick Holder... 95

Illustrations by M. J. Burns.

(See also “Fishing.")
Haunts of the Halcyon, The, Poem.. Charles Henry Lüders .ii. 617
Hawthorne, Julian, Song from " Ayuna,” Poem...
Hay, John, Poems by :
Distichs, From Here and There.

vii. 631
Haunted Room, A...

vii. 255
Two on the Terrace....

Hayes, A. A., Ranch of the Holy Cross, At the *
Hayti. (See “Training a Tropic Torrent.")
Heard, John, Jr., Charge for France, A*.
Hereafter, Poem..

Graham R. Tomson
Heligoland. (See

(See “Crown Jewel, A.")
Henry, Philip (John Elliott Curran), Jemimy Bascom

ii. 54
Herrick, Robert, in a Copy of his Lyrical
Poems ..

.Austin Dobson..

.i. 66
Hibbard, George A. :
“As the Sparks Fly Upward

viii. 721
Deedless Drama, A

vii. 378
End of the Beginning, The *

iii. 82
Fresh-Water Romance, A...
Governor, The *

vi. 64
Matter of Fact, A.

X. 644


X. 214

X. 697
V. 305

X. 774

X. 23

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Hidden Self, The...

.. William James...
Higgins, A. Foster, Striped-Bass Fishing *
Higginson, Thomas Wentworth, Poems by:

Jar of Rose-Leaves, A.
Snowing of the Pines, The

Vestis Angelica
Hildreth, Charles Lotin, Poems by :

Burden of Time, The ...

Owl, The..
Hill, Adam Sherman :

English in Newspapers and Novels

English in Our Colleges Hill Path, The, Poem

Duncan Campbell Scott History Writing ..

Point of View...
Hitchcock, George:

Botticello, Sandro *
Picturesque Quality of Holland, The.

I. Landscapes *
II. Interiors and Bric-a-Brac *

III. Figures and Costumes *
Holden, Edward S., Balzac, A New Light on...
Holder, Charles Frederick, Haunts of the Black Sea Bass, The*
Holland, The Picturesque Quality of ........ George Hitchcock.

With illustrations by the author.

I. Landscapes
II. Interiors and Bric-a-Brac..

III. Figures and Costumes. .
Homes in City, Suburbs, and Country. See

Building and Loan Associations.. W. A. Linn...
City House in the East and South *. ... Russell Sturgis...
City House in the West *

..John W. Root...
Co-operative Home Winning *

W. A. Linn. Country House *

. Donald G. Mitchell... Suburban House, The*

. Bruce Price... Hope's Song. Poem.

. Elsie Kendall. Horace, Select Odes of:

Book I., Ode IV.-To Sestius...
[Archdeacon Wrangham's Translation, 1821.]

With Frontispiece—“Now chaplets Bind,'

by J. R. Weguelin.
Book I., Ode XXI.-In Honor of Diana

and Apollo...
[Dr. Philip Francis's Translation.] The illus-

. ii. 160

v. 162 X. 621

v. 700

vii. 693 viii. 416 vii. 569 viii. 313 viii. 3

V. 403

.vii. 399

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...ix. 431

tration by J. R. Weguelin. Book III., Ode IX.- The Lovers' Quarrel.... With frontispiece—“The Lovers' Quarrel,” by J. R. Weguelin. [Mr. Gladstone's Translation-Reprinted by permission.]

viii. 415


Horace, Select Odes of continued):
Book III., Ode XIII.—To the Fount

Vol. Page

viii. 19
[Austin Dobson's Translation in rondeau form.

- Reprinted by permission. With frontis.
piece-"O Babbling Spring," by J. R.

Book III., Ode XVIII.—To Faunus.

[Henry Herbert's Translation.] Reprinted with

Mr. Weguelin's drawing (frontispiece).
Book III., Ode XXIX.—To Mæcenas.
The Translation by.....

Helen Leah Reed.

viii. 683
This version won, in 1890, the Sargent Prize,

offered annually to the students of Harvard

Book IV., Ode VII.—Paraphrase of, To

Donald G. Mitchell..... ...ix. 350
Hospital Life....

A. B. Ward ....

iii. 697
With illustrations from drawings by J. Alden

Weir, W. L. Taylor, Francis Jones, Charles

Broughton, and Francis Day.

(See also “Invalid's World” and “Medical.”)
House, E. H. :
Ise, Transfer of the Temples of *

.ix. 569
Sacred Flame of Torin Ji, The *

.ii. 332, 420
House of Tembinoka, The, Poem... . Robert Louis Stevenson .....viii. 95

Illustrations drawn from Mr. Stevenson's pho-

Householder, The. (See “Rights of the Citizen.")
Hovey, Richard, Beethoven's Third Symphony, Poem....
How Stanley Wrote His Book..

.. Edward Marston..

viii. 210
Illustrations from drawing made at Cairo by

Joseph Bell and by Lucien Davis.

(See also “ Africa.")
How the Derby was Won...

. Harrison Robertson.... ...vi. 24
Illustrations by Frederic Remington.
How the Other Half Lives-Studies among
the Tenements...

....Jacob A. Riis....
Illustrations from drawings (after the author's

instantaneous photographs) by Kenyon Cox,
0. H. Bacher, V. Pérard, Clifton Johnson,

Francis Day, W. C. Fitler, and H. W. Hall.

(See also “Charity.”)
Howe, George, M.D., The Last Slave Ship....

... viii. 113
Hughes, W. S., Lieutenant U.S.N. :
Electricity in Naval Warfare *

vi. 415
Torpedoes, Modern Aggressive *

.i. 427
Hungarian Castles. (See “Through Three Civilizations.")
Hunt, Leigh. (See " Shelf of Old Books.")
Hunt, Ridgely, Lieutenant U.S.N., Steamship Lines of the World * ....X. 267

v. 112

.. vi. 643

Vol. Page

X. 443

.ii. 292

Hunting. See
American Big Game *.....

Archibald Rogers........
Camping and Hunting in the Sho-

W. S. Rainsford .... Izard Hunting *

.Paul van Dyke... Photographing the Big Horn *

. Frederick H. Chapin.. Wounded Animals.

.J. N. Hall, M.D.... Hypnotism. (See “Hidden Self.”)

[blocks in formation]

V. 759

X. 525

v. 123

“I AM THE BEGINNING AND THE END,” Poem. . . Mrs. James T. Fields...

. vi. 614 Ibsen, Henrik.....

. George Rice Carpenter...... .v. 404 With portrait. Iceland. (See “Summer In.") I. D., To Carmine, Poem....

..ix. 64 Idaho. (See “Archæological Discovery.") Illusions, Poem...

.Mary Bradley.. Imagination and Livelihood....

Point of View.. Immortal Word, The, Poem

Helen Gray Cone...

.iv. 205 Impressionism

.Point of View...

.ix. 657 In Absence, Poem

Archibald Lampman...

x. 194 In Bohemia, Poem...

Louise Chandler Moulton ..... In Broceliande, Poem.

viii. 643 In Camp, Poem....

Charles F. Lummis.

ix. 738 In Early Spring, Poem.

Edith M. Thomas.

ix. 281 In Glad Weather, Poem..

Charles B. Going..

viii. 112 In Her Garden, Poem.

. Susan Coolidge...

ii. 602 In November, Poem

.Duncan Campbell Scott..
In One's Age to One's Youth, Poem. Edith M. Thomas...
In the Valley—I.-XXXVII....

Harold Frederic....vi. 284, 436, 573,

663; vii. 73, 221, 318, 497, 587, 757 ; viii. 81 Illustrations by Howard Pyle. In the Village of Viger

Duncan Campbell Scott....... ii. 493 (See also “ Wooing of Monsieur Cuerrier.") Indian Problem. (See “ Dakota Outbreak” and “Forgotten Remnant.”) Ineligibilities of the Rich...

Point of View....

viii. 526 Insciens, Poem....

W. G. van Tassel Sutphen....vii. 317 Instability of the Atmosphere. (See “Atmosphere.") Instinct, What is an.

William James.

.i. 355 Intellectual Work. (See "Economy in.") Intelligence. (See “French Traits.") Interlude, An, Poem..

.R. Armytage......

.i. 332

.X. 562 ..X. 462


Invalid's World, The-The Doctor, The

Vol. Page
Nurse, The Visitor...

.A. B. Ward .....

Illustrated from drawings by Herbert Denman,

Albert E. Sterner, W. J. Baer, and Charles


(See also “Hospital Life” and “Medical.")
Investigation of Crime, The .

Point of View..

.ix. 527
Irish Wild-Flower, An, Poem

. Sarah M. B. Piatt.

.i. 593
Irresponsible Trading..

Point of View...

X. 129
Ise, The Transfer of the Temples of........E. H. House.....

ix. 569
Illustrations by W. A. Coffin and Japanese

Islander, An...

. Margaret Crosby..

.i. 628
Italian Opera. (See “Wagnerianism.”)
Ivory and Gold, Poem...

Charles Henry Lüders......... 160
Ivory, The Tale of a Tusk of..

. Herbert Ward...

viii. 531
Illustrations by Frederick Villiers.

(See also “ Africa.”)
Izard Hunting in the Spanish Pyrenees.....Paul van Dyke...

Illustrations by Kenyon Cox.
(See also "Hunting.")


Castrogiovanni *

V. 714
Neapolitan Art. I. Morelli *

. viii. 735
II. Michetti *

.ix. 228
Tripoli of Barbary *

vii. 37
Jacob's Faults ...

. Francis Doveridge....

vi. 502
James, Henry:
Animated Conversation, An...

V. 371
London Life, A.....

..iii. 671 ; iv. 64, 238, 319
James, Thomas L., Ex-Postmaster General, Railway Mail-Service, The*. ..v. 259
James, William :
Hidden Self, The

.vii. 361
Instinct? What is an.

i. 355
What the Will Effects.

iii. 240
Janvier, Thomas A. :
Mexican Superstitions and Folk-Lore

V. 349
Mexico, In ....

.i. 67
Town of the Holy Children, The..

iii. 434
Japan. See
Ise, Transfer of the Temple of * E. H. House ...

ix. 569
Japanese Art Symbols...

William Elliot Griffis

Illustrated from drawings specially prepared

for the Magazine by Nankoku Ozawa, of

Tokio, Japan.
Japanese Art, Artists, and Artisans. William Elliot Griffis ........iii. 108
With Illustrations from drawings by a Jap-

anese artist.


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