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Vol. Page
.iv. 259

Cyclones. (See " Atmosphere.")
Cyprus, Scenes In.....

W. H. Mallock..
Illustrations from photographs taken by the

Czar's Diamond, The.....

.Bliss Perry..........
(See also “German Sketches.")

..ix. 753


DAKOTA OUTBREAK, The Meaning of the..... Herbert Welsh ... ...ix. 439

With a map of the Sioux Indian Reservation.
Danish Town, An Old....

.Jacob A. Riis ..

Illustrations by J. D. Woodward, Charles

Broughton, V. Pérard, and F. Day.
Dated “February the 14th," Poem .. Edward S. Martin.... .vii. 238
Davis, Rebecca Harding :
At the Station *.

iv. 687
Tirar y Soult

ii. 563
Davis, Richard Harding :
Broadway *

ix. 585
Gallagher-A Newspaper Story

viii. 156
My Disreputable Friend, Mr. Raegen *

viii. 685
Other Woman, The.....

ix. 385
Dawn and Dusk at Karnak, Poem

. Charles Henry Lüders vii. 455
Day of the Cyclone, The

Octave Thanet....

iii. 350
Day with a Country Doctor, A ...

Frank French...

viii. 557
Illustrations drawn and engraved by the

De Meissner, Sophie Radford, Happy Accident, A*

iii. 461
De Mortuis, Poem...

Edith M. Thomas.

ix. 773
De Vere, Aubrey-Cardinal Newman, Poem....

viii. 546
Dead Cities, Poem....

Archibald Lampman..... .vii. 624
Dead Men's Holiday- After Shipka, Poem.. Louise Chandler Moulton.....X. 195
Dead Nymph, The, Poem..

Charles Henry Lüders.. .iv. 760
Deakin, Hon. Alfred, M.P. of Victoria, Federation of Australia, The..
Deane, Inigo, Cardinal Newman, Poem.

viii. 546
Death and Justice, Poem.

Graham R. Tomson..

.iv. 35
Decline and Fall...

Annie Eliot...

viii. 225
Illustrated by Frank Fowler.
Decoration. (See “ Vases.")
Deedless Drama, A...

George A. Hibbard..

vii. 378
Defenceless Coasts, Our....

F. V. Greene

.i. 51
With maps, sketches, and diagrams.

Captain U. S. Engineers.
Deming, Clarence, Napoleon in 1804, Glimpses of.

vii. 620
Democracy. (See “Ethics of Democracy.")
Democracy and Distinction...

. Point of View..

viii. 393

X. 549
V. 586

Denmark, Treaty With. (See “ Diplomatic Episode.”)

Vol. Page Despondency, Poem.

.. Archibald Lampman......

iii. 732 Development of the Steamship. (See “Steamship.”) Dialogue, A, Poem ...

. Andrew Lang .

viii. 155 Dialogue to the Memory of Mr. Pope, Poem. Austin Dobson

iii. 548 Diaries of Gouverneur Morris. (See “Morris.") Dickens-Land, In..

Edwin Percy Whipple.. .ii. 743 Dickinson, Emily, Renunciation, Poem ....

.viii. 240 Dilemma of Sir Guy the Neuter, The....

Octave Thanet .... Diplomatic Episode, A.....

..Olive Risley Seward... ii. 585 With a full-page illustration and map. Dirge, Poem...

. Frank Dempster Sherman...viii. 283 Disillusion, Poem.

Mary W. Plummer

.ii. 145 Distichs, From Here and There, Poem. .....John Hay..

vii. 631 Dobson, Austin : Dialogue to the Memory of Mr. Pope, Poem...

iii. 548 Herrick, Robert, In a Copy of His Lyrical Poems, Poem

i. 66 Horace, III., Ode XIII.—To the Fount Bandusia *.

viii. 19 Pope, Alexander *

.iii. 533 Song to the Lute, A–For a Book of Airs, * Poem.

.ii. 722 Vauxhall Gardens, Old *. Dolorosa, Poem

William Vaughn Moody Domino, The, Poem.

.. Edith M. Thomas..

vi. 377 Dorr, Julia C. R., Poems by: C. H. R., Lost off Hai-Mun in the China Sea..

X. 456 Comforter, The..

iii. 716 Remembrance...

.i. 445 Sonnet, The-To a Critic : To a Poet..

ii. 311 Doveridge, Francis, Jacob's Faults

vi. 502 Dream, A, Poem...

. Ellen Burroughs........ iii. 446 Dream-Poetry

...Bessie A. Ficklen .

ix. 636 Dreams. (See " Chapter on.") Drift from Redwood Camp, A....

... Bret Harte .....

ii. 651 With eight illustrations by J. W. Alexander

and F. Hopkinson Smith. Dr. Materialismus...

.F. J. Stimson...

.viii. 547 Drought, Poem

. Archibald Lampman. vi. 362 Drummond, Henry, Slavery in Africa.. Ducharmes of the Baskatonge, The. Duncan Campbell Scott ....... i. 236 Dumas, Alexandre....

. Andrew Lang...

.vi. 259 With a portrait, drawn by J. Reich after a

photograph from life ; and with a figure from the monument by Doré in th Place Malesherbes.

V. 185 X. 620

V. 660 x. 225

Vol. Page
Dunchurch Bells, The, Poem.

. Archibald Gordon .
Dwight, James, M.D. :
Court Tennis *

.ix. 99
Lawn Tennis, Form in *.

. vi. 131
Dwight, Thomas, M.D., Professor of Anatomy in the Harvard Medical

School :
Contortionist, The, Anatomy of*...
Right-Handedness, What is ?*..

.ix. 465

V. 493

V. 306

EARLE, ALICE MORSE, China Hunter in New England, A*...

X. 345
Earth, The Stability of the.

N. S. Shaler....

.i. 259
With illustrations drawn by E. J. Meeker, J.

Steeple Davis, A. M. Turner, George Gibson,
and C. E. Robinson, from photographs and

diagrams furnished by the author.
Eclipse Expedition to Russia. (See “ Astronomer's Summer Trip.")
École des Beaux-Arts. (See “Paris School.")
Economy in Intellectual Work...... William H. Burnham....

V. 306
Edinburgh. (See “ Shelf of Old Books, II.”)
Education of an Engineer, The-More Ran-
dom Memories.

Robert Louis Stevenson .......iv. 636
Educational. See

American University, Development of

George Trumbull Ladd ......ii. 346
College Men in the World.... .Point of View...

vii. 263
Economy in Intellectual Work..

William H. Burnham..
Education of Spinsters..

..Point of View ...

vii. 395
English in Newspapers and Novels..... Adams Sherman Hill. ii. 371
English in Our Colleges

. Adams Sherman Hill.... .i. 507
Fitting School in American Education,
The Place of the...

George Trumbull Ladd .. . vi. 298
Hidden Self, The..

William James..

vii. 361
Instinct, What is An?..

William James..

i. 355
Lowell, Mr., as a Teacher.
Paris School of Fine Arts, The * .Henry 0. Avery...

ii. 387
Present Ideals of American University

Josiah Royce...

X. 376
Private School for Girls .

Mrs. Sylvanus Reed.. viii. 514
Revival of Handicraft, The.

.John F. Weir...

ii. 229
Sand Pile, The Story of a.

G. Stanley Hall...

iii. 690
What the Will Effects ..

William James

iii. 240
Egypt. See
Afloat on the Nile *

E. H. and E. W. Blashfield..... 663
Nile, The Modern *

Edward L. Wilson..

ii. 259
Pyramid, The Great *

. Edward L. Wilson.

iii. 41
Temples of, The *

Edward L. Wilson.

.iv. 387

x. 645
v. 643

Electrical Articles :
I. Electric Motor and Its Applications,

Vol. Page

Franklin Leonard Pope....... iii. 306
With illustrations.
II. Electricity in the Service of Man....C. F. Brackett
With illustrations drawn by J. D. Woodward,

Henry W. Hall, and others, and from photo

graphs made expressly for the Magazine.
III. Telegraph of To-day, The Charles L. Buckingham ......vi. 3
Illustrations from drawings by J. D. Wood-

ward, V. Pérard, H. W. Hall, W. C. Fitler,
and Herbert Denman, and from photo-

IV. Electricity in Lighting .

Henry Morton

.... vi. 176 Illustrations by W. S. Allen, J. D. Wood

ward, H. W. Hall, V. Pérard, and J. Reich.
V. Electricity in War:
I. In Naval Warfare

W. S. Hughes, Lt. U. S. Navy. vi. 415
II. In Land Warfare..

.John Millis ....

vi. 424

First Lt. Corps of Eng., U.S.A.
With illustrations by M. J. Burns, J. O. David-

son, V. Pérard, E. E. Thompson, and from

VI. Electricity in Relation to the Hu-
man Body..

M. Allen Starr, M.D. ........ vi. 589
VII. Electricity in the Household ....A. E. Kennelly ..

vii. 102

Chief Electrician, Edison Laboratory. Illustrations from drawings by Chester Loomis,

Frank Fowler, M. J. Burns, and W. C.

VIII. Electric Railway of To-day, The.Joseph Wetzler, M.E... ....vii. 425
Illustrations by J. D. Woodward, V. Pérard,

M. J. Burns, and A. F. Leicht.
IX. Cable Expedition, With a.. Herbert Laws Webb .. viii. 399
Illustrations by Burns, Fitler, Metcalf, and

Dearborn Gardiner.
Elephant Myths, American

W. B. Scott

.i. 469 With Illustrations. Eliot, Annie : Decline and Fall *

viii. 225 From Four to Six-A Comedietta in One Act *

. vi. 121 Uneffectual Fire * Elliott, Sarah Barnwell, Jerry.

vii. 715; viii. 20, 184, 284, 437, 569,

774 ; ix. 65, 242, 306, 489, 576 Elmwood—In Memory of James Russell Lowell, Poem.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich......8. 787 Elsket

Thomas Nelson Page........... 226 Illustrations by W. L. Metcalf. Emancipating Fiction.

Point of View... Emergency Men, The .

. George H. Jessop Illustrations by C. D. Gibson.

X. 195

X. 394 v. 201

Vol. Page
Emin Pasha Relief Expedition, The........ Henry M. Stanley ...vii. 663

With frontispiece-"Henry M. Stanley" from

a photograph taken in Cairo, Egypt, in
March, 1890, and with illustrations from
photographs and sketches made by the ex-
pedition, and drawn by J. D. Woodward,
Frank_ Fowler, E. W. Deming, W. L. Met-
calf, E. Riou, G. Montbard, A. Forestier,

and Dodge and Bridgman.

(See also “Where Emin is,” and “Africa.”)
End of the Beginning, The.

George A. Hibbard ......... ii. 82
Illustrated by the author and Francis Day.
English in Newspapers and Novels .. Adams Sherman Hill....

. ii. 371
English in our Colleges..

Adams Sherman Hill.. ... i. 507
Ephemeron, Poem....

. Mrs. James T. Fields.. üi. 160
Epilogue to "An Inland Voyage

. Robert Louis Stevenson.. ...iv. 250
Erickson, Karl, Pernilla—A Story of Swede Creek....

.vii. 632
Ericsson, John, the Engineer-July 31, 1803–
March 8, 1889–I.-II.

William Conant Church.vii. 169, 336
With illustrations by J. Reich, V. Pérard, M.

J. Burns, J. D. Woodward, and A. F. Leicht.
Espero Gorgoni, Gondolier..

F. Hopkinson Smith .....
Illustrations by the author.
Ethics. (See "Genius.")
Ethics of Controversy, The...

George P. Fisher.
Ethics of Democracy, The..

F. J. Stimson.

i. 661
European Armies. (See “Small Arms of.”)
Evening, Poem...

.. Archibald Lampman.... . vi. 692
With an illustration by A. Lemaire.
Evening Fantasy, An, Poem...

William A. Leahy.... ....iii. 744

Octave Thanet.. vii. 55, 239, 283, 443
Illustrations from drawings by A. B. Frost.
Explorations in the Sierra Madre..

Carl Lumholtz..
Illustrations by Herbert Denman, E. E.

Thompson, W. L. Metcalf, C. Broughton, J.

Reich, and E. W. Deming.
Explosives, Modern.

Charles E. Munroe.... iii. 563

Chemist U. S. Torpedo Corps.
With illustrations from drawings and photo-

graphs furnished by the author.
Extenuating Circumstances.

William McKendree Bangs....v. 359
Eye for an Eye, An.

. Robert Grant..

X. 687

v. 113

X. 531

v. 315

iv. 434
iv. 199

v. 226

FAIRCHILD, ELISABETH, Sea in October, Poem ...
Fair Day

Sarah Orne Jewett..
Family Tree, A...

Brander Matthews..
Fate of the Georgiana, The..

.Maria Blunt...
With illustrations from drawings by W. L.

Taylor and C. H. Woodbury
Father Acacio's Little Game.

Lizzie W. Champney....

.iv. 221

.ii. 252

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