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v. 306

Bunner, H. C. (continued):

Vol. Page On Reading Certain Published Letters of W. M. T., Poem ...

.ii. 448 Second-Hand Story, A..

.iv. 344 Sentimental Annex, A.

viii. 257 Squire Five-Fathom *

iv. 657 Story of a New York House, The *.

.i. 37, 211, 323, 418, 595 Zadoc Pine Labor Union, The*

ii. 669 Burden of Time, The, Poem..

... Charles Lotin Hildreth. ii. 159 Burnham, William H., Economy in Intellectual Work. Burroughs, Ellen, Poems by: Common Chord, The....

.ii. 66 Dream, A...

iii. 446 Madonna, The.

iv. 656 Separation.

.i. 730 Song..

.ii. 618 Vespers *

684 Burton, Richard E., Mortis Dignitas, Poem..

vi. 540 Butler, Robert Gordon : Father Andrei ; The Story of a Russian Priest..

.i. 366 Where the Ice Never Melts *

ix. 477 By the Ill.....

.Bliss Perry

.ix. 759 (See also “German Sketches.")


... Herbert Laws Webb........viii. 399 Illustrations by Burns, Fitler, W. L. Metcalf,

and Dearborn Gardiner. (See also “Electrical Articles.") Cæsar, The Likenesses of .

John C. Ropes...

i. 131 With a frontispiece, 6 Julius Cæsar as Ponti

fex Maximus," and with illustrations from

the author's collection. Campaign Medals, Presidential.

Gustav Kobbé..

... iv. 332 Illustrations from pieces in the cabinets of

Robert Hewitt, William Poillon, and the
American Numismatic and Archæological

Society of New York
Campaign of Waterloo. (See “Waterloo.")
Camping and Hunting in the Shoshone.....W. S. Rainsford..

...ii. 292 With illustrations from photographs and tro

phies in the author's possession.

(See also “Hunting.”) Cañon of the Colorado, Through the Grand. Robert Brewster Stanton.... viii. 591

Illustrations from photographs by the author,

and by F. A. Nims, and from drawings by

V. Pérard, M. J. Burns, and W. C. Fitler. Captain Black..

Charles E. Carryl ... Captain Joe and Jamie.....

Charles G. D. Roberts .... Cardinal Newman. (See “Newman.")

.x. 513 X. 389


x. 506
V. 404
V. 585


Vol. Page
Cargill, Alexander, Shakespeare as an Actor *

.ix. 613
Caricature, Contemporary American.......J. A. Mitchell..

vi. 728
Illustrations from drawings by A. B. Frost,

Thomas Nast, C. D. Gibson, W. A. Rogers,
F. G. Attwood, S. W. Van Schaick, H. W.
McVickar, F. Opper, C. J. Taylor, Joseph
Keppler, M. A. Woolf, “Chip,” E. Zimmer-
man, J. A. Wales, Frank Bellew, E. W.

Kemble, and J. A. Mitchell.
Carlyle's Politics..

Edwin C. Martin..
Carpenter, George Rice, Henrik Ibsen
Carruth, William Herbert, Under the Leaves, Poem
Carryl, Charles E., Captain Black ...

x. 513
Cars. (See “Locomotives,” and “Railway Articles.”)
Castle Life in the Middle Ages.

.E. H. and E. W. Blashfield ...v. 3
Illustrated by E. H. Blashfield.

.A. F. Jacassy..

v. 714
Illustrated with drawings by the author and

from photographs.
Catlin, George L., Chimes of Walletikon, The

Cavazza, E., Life Discrowned, Poem..

iii. 121
Caverns and Cavern Life.

N. S. Shaler..

.ii. 449
With illustrations from drawings by J. Francis

Murphy, Warren Sheppard, J. D. Wood-

ward, C. S. Robinson, and others.
Caviare Theatre, The....

Point of View..
Cellini, Benvenuto, The Life of..

. Edward J. Lowell...

vi. 493
With illustrations.
Centre of the Republic, The. Two Papers.James Baldwin... iii. 408, 589
Ceylon. (“See City of the Sacred Bo-Tree.")
Chadwick, F. E., Commander U.S.N., Steamship, The Development of,
and the Liverpool Exhibition of 1886 *

.i. 515
(See also “Ocean Steamship Articles.")
Champney, Lizzie W., Father Acacio's Little Game..

.ii. 252
Chandler, Bessie, Poems by:

Peleus to Thetis *
Yellow Elms, The.

iii. 277
Channing, Grace Ellery :
Basket of Anita, The *

viii. 199
Pity, O God! Poem.

viii. 388
Chapin, Frederick H., Photographing the Big Horn *
Chapter on Dreams, A.

Robert Louis Stevenson...... ii. 122
Charades, Poems..

.L. B. R. Briggs.. .ix. 106, 195
Charge for France, A...

.John Heard, Jr..
Illustrations by L. Marchetti.

H. H. Boyesen..

iv. 490
Illustrations by Charles H. Stephens.

. X. 526

x. 772

v. 215

X. 697


x. 345

X. 456

Charity, Practical. See

Vol. Page Boys' Clubs *

... Evert Jansen Wendelt.. ..ix. 738 Fresh Air Fund, The Story of the.....Willard Parsons.... .ix. 515 How the Other Half Lives *

.Jacob A. Riis.

vi. 643 Cheney, C. Emma, Crown Jewel, A-Heligoland *

viii. 377 Cheney, John Vance, Vanished Year, The, Poem..

vii. 302 Child of Light, A.,

. Margaret Crosby.

iii. 551 Chimes of Walletikon, The-A Swiss Story.. George L. Catlin...

62 China Hunter in New England, A......... Alice Morse Earle. ,

Illustrations by V. Pérard.
C. H. R., Lost off Hai-Mun in the China
Sea, Poem...

.Julia C. R. Dorr.... “Christie's,”

Humphry Ward... viii. 758 Illustrated by Harry Furniss. Christmas Eve—Germany, Poem ...... .. Rennell Rodd....

.iii. 40 Christmas Sermon, A.

Robert Louis Stevenson. .iv. 764 With a decorative headband by E. H. Blash

field. Church, William Conant, Ericsson, John, the Engineer *

vii. 169, 336 City House, The (The East and South).... Russell Sturgis.............vii. 693

Drawings by 0. H. Bacher, W. C. Fitler,

Hughson Hawley, and J. D. Woodward.

(See also “Homes in City, Suburbs, and Country.”) City House in the West, The....

... John W. Root......

viii. 416 Illustrated by H. Hawley and W. C. Fitler, and

from photographs.
(See also “Homes in City, Suburbs, and Country.”)
City of the Sacred Bo-tree, The-Anurad-
hapura ..

..James Ricalton...
Illustrations from drawings by Harry Fenn and

from photographs.
Clarke, Thomas Curtis, Railway, The Building of a*

iii. 643 Clerk of the Weather, The..

T. R. Sullivan

.viii. 343 Climate. (See “Where shall we Spend our Summer?” also “Where

shall we Spend our Winter ?”) Cloistral Criticism..

..Point of View..

ix. 525 Clubs, London and American .

.., E. S. Nadal...

.ix. 289 Illustrations by O. H. Bacher, W. L. Taylor,

W. C. Fitler, J. D. Woodward, and from


(See also “Boys' Clubs.") Clymer, W. B. Shubrick : Austen, Jane, a Note on

..ix. 377 Landor Once More.. Clytie...

Ernst Schottky..
With headband and initial by Kenyon Cox.
Coast Fortifications. (See “Defenceless Coasts, Our.”)

X. 319

x. 123

X. 486 V. 251

Vol. Page
Cohen, Solis-, Solomon, When Love Passed By, Poem ......

.iv. 674
College Men in the World...

.Point of View

.vii. 263
Colleges. (See "English in " and "Educational.")
Colorado Desert. (See “Lake in, The New.")
Colorado River. (See “Cañon of, Through the Grand.")
Comforter, The, Poem...

Julia C. R. Dorr

jii. 716
Commerce. (See "American.")
Common Chord, The, Poem..

.Ellen Burroughs..

.ii. 66
Common Roads, The....

.N. S. Shaler

. vi. 473
Commune of Paris. (See “Siege and Commune of Paris.")
Compensation, Poem...

Graham R. Tomson

... ii. 241
Competitive Element in Modern Life, The.. Henry C. Potter, D.D.

Bishop of New York.
Complete Misunderstanding, A.

. Margaret Crosby

.ii. 628
Comradeship, Poem

.James Herbert Morse

iii. 634
Conant, Thomas P., Seaward, Poem

.iv. 220
Cone, Helen Gray, Poems by:

iii. 617
Immortal Word, The...

.iv. 205
Torch-Race, The *

.iii. 733
Confession, Poem

Henrietta Christian Wright ... ii. 583
Congo. (See “Life Among the Congo Savages,” and “ Africa ")
Constitution, National, Unpublished Draft

of, by Edmund Randolph-Found among
the Papers of George Mason

Moncure D. Conway

.....ii. 313
With a facsimile.
Contortionist, Anatomy of the...

Thomas Dwight, M.D...
Illustrations from photographs of expert per-

formers, taken under the author's super-

Contributions to the History of Fife—Ran-
dom Memories

.. Robert Louis Stevenson.. .iv. 507
Conway, Moncure D., Constitution, Unpublished Draft of National, by Ed-
mund Randolph *

ii. 313
Coolidge, Susan, Poems by:
In Her Garden..

..ii. 602

.i. 614
Co-operative Home Winning--Some Prac-

tical Results of Building and Loan As-

W. A. Linn

vii. 569
With illustrations of houses built by Building

and Loan Associations, drawn by Carroll
Beckwith, O. H. Bacher, Harry Fenn, and

A. Schilling.
(See also “Building and Loan Associations,” and “Homes in City,

Suburbs, and Country.")

V. 493
X. 61.

Vol. Page Copeland Collection, The

. Margaret Crosby... ....vi. 82 Illustrations by Robert Blum. Coquelin, M...

Brander Matthews

.i. 244 Corban--A Song, Poem.

. Mrs. James T. Fields “ Cordon!”

T. R. Sullivan

i. 378 “ Corinne

. Eugene Schuyler

vii. 644 Corso of Rome, The..

W. W. Story..

.x. 399 Illustrations by Ettore Tito.

(See also “Great Streets of the World.”) Corydon--A Pastoral, Poem

.. Thomas Bailey Aldrich ......üi. 688 Country House, The

.Donald G. Mitchell.... viii. 313 Illustrations by Woodward, Bacher, Pérard,

Hawley, and Fitler, and from photographs. (See also “Homes in City, Suburbs, and Country.") Court Tennis

...James Dwight, M.D...........ix. 99 With illustrations from photographs made at

the Boston Athletic Club ; drawn by Hugh

son Hawley and W. C. Fitler. (See also "Lawn Tennis.") Cow-Boy Dialect. (See “ Bucolic Dialect.”). Cranch, C. P., Poems by : Birds and the Telegraph Wires, The *.

vii. 218 Old Age ....

viii. 435 Our Leader....

iii. 19 Storm and Calm..

iii. 330 To J. S. D..... Two Grecian Myths.

.iv. 506 Youth and Age..

.ix. 385 Creighton, J. G. Aylwin, Land of the Winanishe, The *.

v. 515 Crosby, Margaret : Child of Light ..

iii. 551 Complete Misunderstanding, A.

ii. 628 Copeland Collection, The *.

vi. 82 Islander, An...

.i. 628 Sappho to Phaon, Poem. Violin Obligato, A....

.i. 120 Crowell, Foster, Training a Tropic Torrent-An Engineer's Glimpse of Hayti....

X. 111 Crown Jewel, A-Heligoland.

C. Emma Cheney.

viii. 377 Illustrations by Woodward, Pérard, Fitler,

and H. W. Hall, and from photographs. Crowned, Poem..

Celia Thaxter .
Crucial Time, A....

.Point of View....
Curran, John Elliott:
Jeanne-In Two Parts .

v. 477, 553 Jemimy Bascom.

.ii. 54 My Uncle Dick..

x. 100

v. 152

V. 659

V. 476 X. 263

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