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Art (continued). See

Vol. Page
Art Instinct, The French

W. C. Brownell...

v. 241
Artists as Critics...

.Point of View...

ix. 132
Babylonian Seals *

William Hayes Ward....... .i. 80
Barbizon and Jean-François Millet *...T. H. Bartlett... vii. 531, 735
Barye Exhibition.

.Point of View..

vii. 129
Bayeux Tapestry *

. Edward J. Lowell.

.i. 333
Botticelli, Sandro *

George Hitchcock.

iv. 711
Campaign Medals *

Gustav Kobbé..

iv. 332
Caricature, Contemporary American ...J. A. Mitchell..

vi. 728
Cellini, Benvenuto, The Life of *. Edward J. Lowell. .

vi. 493
“ Christie's"

Humphry Ward.... viii. 758
French as Artists..

Point of View....

.vii. 131
Greek Portraits, Some *

Thomas Sergeant Perry......v. 219
Holland, The Picturesque Quality of... George Hitchcock.
I Landscape *

. ii. 160
II. Interiors and Bric-a-Brac *

v. 162
III. Figures and Costumes *

X, 621
Japanese Art, Artists, and Artisans *... William Elliot Griffis... iii. 108
Japanese Art Symbols

William Elliot Griffis...

Letters to a Young Gentleman Who
Proposes to Embrace the Career of Robert Louis Stevenson .... iv. 377

( Will H. Low...

.iv. 381
Millet and Recent Criticism.

Walter Cranston Larned....viii. 390
Neapolitan Art....

A. F. Jacassy.
I. Morelli *

viii. 735
II. Michetti*.

.ix. 228
Old Glass in New Windows *.

Will H, Low...

.iv. 675
Painter of Beautiful Dreams, A* (Al-
bert Moore)....

Harold Frederic..

X. 712
Paris School of Fine Art, The *. .Henry 0. Avery..

ii. 387
Threat of New Coins, A..

.Point of View..

x. 131
Vase, The Greek *.....

William P. P. Longfellow.... iii. 419
Vases, The Decoration of *

William P. P. Longfellow.... iii. 602
Art Master, An, Poem.

...John Boyle O'Reilly.

. i. 660
Art of Dining Out, The..

Point of View.

vii. 658
Artists as Critics

Point of View...

.ix. 132
As Haggards of the Rock”

Mary Tappan Wright....... vii. 556
“As the Sparks Fly Upward

George A. Hibbard

.viii. 721
As to the Long Engaged .

Point of View...

ix. 526
As to Spring, Poem

Edward S. Martin

is. 575
Ashcake, Poem...

Thomas Nelson Page.. iii. 360
Aspiration, An, Poem....

. Andrew Lang ..

vi. 572
Astronomer's Summer Trip, An .

Charles A. Young

.iv. 82
With illustrations from photographs made by

the American Eclipse Expedition of 1887.



v. 760

V. 712

X. 649

Vol. Page
At Evening, Poem

Graham R. Tomson.

iii. 107
At Last, Poem

Philip Bourke Marston ........ 580
With a biographical note by Louise Chandler

At Les Éboulements, Poem

. Duncan Campbell Scott ...... vi. 759
At the Ferry, Poem.

Graham R. Tomson ...
At the Station....

Rebecca Harding Davis...... iv. 687
Illustrated by Alfred Kappes.
At the Tomb of a Poet, Poem

Mary A. P. Stansbury....
Athlete. (See “Contortionist ” and “Physical Characteristics.")
Athletics. (See “Amateur" and "French View of.")
Atmosphere, The Instability of the.... ...N. S Shaler....

.ii. 197
With illustrations from photographs and dia-

grams furnished by the author.
Atonement, Poem

Edith M. Thomas

vii. 36
Atys, Poem ....

Edith M. Thomas ...

ii. 767
Auction, The, Poem
Aunt Fountain's Prisoner.

.Joel Chandler Harris. .... i. 280
Austen, Jane, A Note on

W. B. Shubrick Clymer......ix. 377
Australia. See
Impressions of Australia ....... Josiah Royce...

.ix. 75
Illustrations, with frontispiece—“Wentworth

Valley, Blue Mountains, Australia,” from

Blackfellow and His Boomerang * . Horace Baker...

. vii. 374
Federation of, The..

Hon. Alfred Deakin

M.P. of Victoria.
Kangaroo Hunt, A *

Birge Harrison..

ix. 419
Author and His Works, The ...

Point of View.

vii. 659
Author on Exhibition, The..

.Point of View.....

X. 395
Autographs, A Box of

Richard Henry Stoddard ..... ix, 213
With reproductions of autographs in the au-

thor's collection.
Autumn Haze, Poem..

R. K. Munkittrick....

.X. 442
Autumn Song, Poem.

. Duncan Campbell Scott..... viii. 436
Avery, Henry O., Paris School of Fine Arts, The *.

.ii. 387

X. 549


William Hayes Ward..... .i. 80
With illustrations from seals in the author's

collection, and after De Clercq, Pinches, and

Backlog Dreams, Poem

Frank Dempster Sherman...vii. 568
Bacon, Edgar Mayhew :
Sub-Tropic Study, Notes of a *.

vi. 746
Toddville Raffle, The...

.. vii. 123
Bahama Islands. (See “Sub-Tropic Study.”)
Baker, Horace, Blackfellow and His Boomerang, The*

vii. 374
Baldwin, James, Centre of the Republic, The..

.iii. 408-589
V. 359

...iv. 631

Vol. Page
Ballad of the Willow Pool, Poem... Graham R. Tomson.

vii. 201
Ballad of Tonio Manzi, The, Poem.. Graham R. Tomson

vii. 53
Ballade of the King's Way, Poem... . Andrew Hussey Allen ....... ii. 150
Ballade of the Penitents, Poem..

Andrew Lang....

i. 354
Ballade—To Sandra, in Absence, Poem.....Duncan Campbell Scott......vi. 63
Ballantrae. (See “Master of.”)
Ballot. (See "Law.")
Balzac, A New Light on.

Edward S. Holden..........iii. 76
Bangs, William McKendree:

Extenuating Circumstances.
Miniature, The

vi. 483
Bankrupt, Poem

Louise Imogen Guiney.......ii. 331
Barbizon and Jean-François Millet-I., II.. T. H. Bartlett ... vii. 531, 735

With frontispiece-“Portrait of Jean-François

Millet,” drawn by Carroll Beckwith, and with
illustrations by Will H. Low, Theodore Rob.
inson, Harry Fenn, J. D. Woodward, and

J. Carroll Beckwith:
Bartlett, T. H., Barbizon and Jean-François Millet *

.. vii. 531, 735
Barum West's Extravaganza

. Arlo Bates ...
Barye Exhibition, The

Point of View

vii. 129
Bashkirtseff, Marie

..Josephine Lazarus .. ..vi. 633
Basket of Anita, The...

Grace Ellery Channing ..... viii. 199
Illustrated by Henry H. Sherk.
Bates, Arlo :
Barum West's Extravaganza

.iv. 631
Problem in Portraiture, A ...

vi. 623
Realism and the Art of Fiction

ii. 241
Solitude, Poem

.iv. 63
Sonnets in Shadow, 'Poem..

.i. 49
Words and Music..

.i. 637
Bates, Walter Gillette, Water-Storage in the West *.

vii. 3
Bayeux Tapestry, The..

. Edward J. Lowell

.i. 333
With illustrations from photographs of the

Beauty of Spanish Women, The

. Henry T. Finck...

.vii. 87
Illustrations from photographs, and from draw-

ings by V. Pérard.
Beers, Henry A., Midwinter Night's Dream, A*

vi. 716
Beethoven's Third Symphony, Poem .... Richard Hovey...

Robert Louis Stevenson. .iii. 380
Behind the Scenes of an Opera House. (See "Opera-House.")
Be Kind to Thyself, Poem ...

. Edward S. Martin ...iv. 718
Big-Horn. (See “Photographing the Big-Horn.")

v. 112
X. 663


Vol. Page
Bird Cradles

W. Hamilton Gibson ... viii. 41
With illustrations from drawings by the author.
Birds and the Telegraph Wires, The, Poem..C. P. Cranch...

vii. 218
Illustration from a drawing by Mr. Cranch.
Bird-Song, Motif of.

.Maurice Thompson..

.ii. 379
Birrell, Augustine :
Arnold, Matthew *

.iv. 537
Cardinal Newman

iii. 735
Bishop, Joseph B., Law and the Ballot, The

iii. 194
Bishop, William Henry :
Literary Madrid, A Day in *

vii. 187
Student of Salamanca, A *

vi. 552
Bitter Sweet of Spring, The, Poem ... ... Edith M. Thomas ...

iii. 531
Blackfellow and His Boomerang, The Horace Baker

vii. 374
Blashfield, E. H. and E. W.:

Afloat on the Nile *
Castle Life in the Middle Ages

Man at Arms, The *

iii. 3, 161
Paris of the Three Musketeers, The *

viii. 135
Romola, In Florence with *

ii. 693
Bliss, Frederick Jones, Tadmor in the Wilderness *

vii. 400
Blue-Grass Puritan, A

..W. H. Woods

ix. 341
Blunt, Maria :
Fate of the Georgiana, The*

iv. 221
Marse Archie's Flight

.i. 581
Parson Joye's Justice

ix. 685
Bogart, John, Railway Engineering, Feats of *

iv. 3
Books. (See “ Adventures Among" and "Shelf of.")
Boomerang. (See "Blackfellow.")
Bo-Tree. (See “ City of.")
Botsford, Allan Simpson, Mid-Summer, Poem..

.iv. 121
Botticelli, Sandro...

George Hitchcock..

iv. 711
Illustrated by the author, after works of Botti-

Botticelli's Madonna in the Louvre, Poem... Edith Wharton....

.ix. 74
Boulevards of Paris, The...

Francisque Sarcey... .ix. 663
The illustrations by G. Jeanniot.

(See also “Great Streets of the World.”)
Bowne, Eliza Southgate. (See “Girl's Life.")
Boyesen, H. H.:
Charity *

....iv. 490
Pagan Incantation, A..

vi. 200
Perilous Incognito, A.

ii. 120, 222
Two Mollies, The-A City's Sketch.

vi. 116

V. 759


Vol. Page
Boys' Clubs...

...Evert Jansen Wendell........ix. 738
Drawings by Herbert Denman.

(See also “ Charity.”)
Brackett, C. F., Electricity in the Service of Man *

V. 643
Bradford, Gamaliel, Municipal Government.

ii. 485
Bradley, Mary, Illusions, Poem..
Breton Pictures. (See “Pardon of Ste. Anne D'Auray.")
Bride of a Year, A, Poem...

. Mrs. James T. Fields......... ii. 320
Briggs, L. B. R., Charades, Poems...

... ix. 106, 195
Brigham, W. T., Uncommercial Republic, An *

.i. 701

..Richard Harding Davis...... ix. 585
With frontispiece—“The Twenty-third Street

Crossing,” and other illustrations, by A. B.


(See also “Great Streets of the World.”)
Brownell, W. C., French Traits.
I. Social Instinct, The...

... ii. 106
II. Sense and Sentiment..

.ii. 436
III. Intelligence....

.iii. 94
IV. Manners.

.iv. 619
V. Women.

VI. Art Instinct, The....
Paris Exposition, The, Notes and Impressions of..

vii. 18

..Point of View..

vii. 261
Browning's Asolo.

.Felix Moscheles..

X. 359
Illustrations by Felix Moscheles.
Browning, Oscar, Goethe's House at Weimar *

vi. 615
Buckingham, Charles L., Telegraph of To-day, The,*

.vi. 3
Bucolic Dialect of the Plains, The.. Louis Swinburne..

.ii. 505
Building and Loan Associations..

W. A. Linn....
(See also “Co-operative Home Winning,” and “Homes in City, Sub-

urbs, and Country.”)
Building of a Railway, The..

Thomas Curtis Clarke ....... iii. 643
With illustrations from drawings by Walter

Shirlaw, J. D. Woodward, Francis Day, A.
M. Turner, Meeker, Sand, and others; and
from photographs and prints furnished by

the author.

(See also "Railway Articles.)
Bunner, H. C. :
For an Old Poet, Poem...

.i. 691
Mrs. Tom's Spree..

vi. 677
Natural Selection, A Romance of Chelsea Village and East Hampton

iii. 64, 181, 321
Old-Fashioned Love-Song, An, Poem

vii. 17

v. 241


V. 700

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