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NOTE.—Where no other indication is given an asterisk (*) means that the article is illustrated.

.X. 255

V. 424

Vol. Page
Roses of the Señor, The *

iv. 749
Song of the Comforter, The.
About Africa.

..J. Scott Keltie.

ix. 177
With frontispiece—“ David Livingstone,” and

other illustrations from drawings by W. J.

Steains, and from photographs.
Adams, B. B., Jr., Railroad Men, Every-day Life of *.

..iv. 546
Adams, Charles Francis, Railroad Strikes, The Prevention of..
Adirondacks. (See “Winter In.")
Adventures Among Books-I., II. .. Andrew Lang...

x. 337, 651
Afloat on the Nile....

E. H. and E. W. Blashfield ...x. 663
Illustrations by E. H. Blashfield.
Africa. See
About Africa *

.J. Scott Keltie...

..ix. 177
Afloat on the Nile *

.E. H. and E. W. Blashfield ..... 663
African River and Lake Systems. . Thomas Stevens

viii. 335
Emin Pasha Relief Expedition, The*... Henry M. Stanley

.vii. 663
Grand Kabylia, In *

Henry M. Field..

.ii. 573
Ivory, The Tale of a Tusk of *

. Herbert Ward.

viii. 531
Life Among the Congo Savages

. Herbert Ward ...

vii. 135
Masai-Land, How I Crossed *

..Joseph Thomson.

vi. 387
Modern Nile, The *

Edward L. Wilson... .ii. 259
Our March with a Starving Column*...A. J. Mounteney Jephson....ix. 267
Pigmies of the Great African Forest * .. Henry M. Stanley....

ix. 3


Africa (continued). See

Vol. Page
Relief of Captain Nelson *

A. J. Mounteney Jephson ..... ix. 500
Slave Ship, The Last....

George Howe, M.D.... viii. 113
Slavery in Africa...

.Henry Drummond...
Trans-Saharian Railway, The Proposed * Napoléon Ney.
Tripoli of Barbary

A. F. Jacassy...

vii. 37
Where Emin Is *

.. Col. H. G. Prout (Baroud Bey). vi. 515
African River and Lake Systems

Thomas Stevens.

viii. 335

V. 660
X. 630


With a map.

After Death, Poem..

. Louise Chandler Moulton.. .i. 243
Age of Words, The..

Edward J. Phelps...

vi. 760
Akers, Elizabeth, Poems by:
Stone-Cutter, The ...

.i. 767
Water-Witch, The *

.ii. 685
Alabama Courtship, An-I., II.

F. J. Stimson.

.ix. 551, 713
Alaska. (See “ Mount St. Elias,” and “ Where the Ice Never Melts.")
Aldrich, Anne Reeve, Poems by:

Prayer, A.

Snow ..

X, 505
v. 199

x. 787
V. 124

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey :
Corydon-A Pastoral, Poem ...,

iii. 688
Elmwood-In Memory of James Russell Lowell, Poem.
Odd Sticks and Certain Reflections Concerning Them.
Sister's Tragedy, The--A.D. 1670, Poem..

viii. 181
White Edith, Poem..

iii. 32
Alexander, E. P., General, Railway Management *

V. 27
Algeria. (See “Kabylia.”)
Allen, Andrew Hussey-Ballade of the King's Way, Poem..

iii. 150
Allen's, Mr., Anxiety..

..Point of View

.viii. 130
Amateur Track and Field Athletics.. .. Charles P. Sawyer... vii. 775
Ambulance Corps. (See “ New Field of Honor.")
American and Country Life, The... .Point of View,

.ix. 392
American Antiquities, Poem

Andrew Lang.

iii. 93
With an illustration by H. Siddons Mowbray.
American Big Game, Hunting

Archibald Rogers...
With frontispiece—“ Bear in the Mountains,

and other illustrations by A. B. Frost.

(See also “Hunting.”)
American Caricatures. (See “ Caricature.”)
American Commerce, Effect on, of an Anglo-
Continental War, The ....

.J. Russell Soley, U. S. Navy..vi. 541
American Education. (See Educational.")
American Homes. (See “Odd American Homes and “Homes in City,

Suburbs and Country.”)
American Nomad, The..

Point of View.

viii. 396

X. 443
x. 130

X. 153

Vol. Page American Pictures in Paris...

.Point of View..... American Renaissance, An.

Point of View

ix. 791 American University, Development of the .. George T. Ladd.

ii. 346 American University Life. (See “Present Ideals of.") Amy Robsart, Kenilworth, and Warwick.... William H. Rideing viii. 709

Illustrations by W. L. Taylor.
Anatomist of the Heart, The ..

T. R. Sullivan
With frontispiece—“She is Tall and Fair,"

and other illustrations by Albert Lynch.
Angling. (See “Fishing.")
Anglo-Continental War. (See "American Commerce.")
Animated Conversation, An...

..Henry James...

v. 371 Anonymous Journalism

.Point of View....

X. 262 Anuradhapura. (See "City of the Sacred Bo-Tree.") April Night, Poem..

Archibald Lampman.

V. 442 Apthorp, William F.: Mendelssohn's Letters to Moscheles *

iii. 131, 331 Wagner and Scenic Art *

ii. 515 Wagnerianism and the Italian Opera .

vii. 487 Wagner's Heroes and Heroines, Some of *.

v. 331 Archæological Discovery in Idaho, An.... G. Frederick Wright....... vii. 235

With drawings from the object. Architect's Point of View, The

William P. P. Longfellow....ix. 119 Armstrong, LeRoy, Sergeant Gore *

. viii. 173 Army. See Defenceless Coasts, Our*

.F. V. Greene, Capt. U. S. Eng...i. 51 Electricity in Land Warfare *

John Millis...

vi. 424

First Lt. Corps of Eng., U.S.A.
Explosives, Modern *

Charles E. Munroe,

iii. 563

Chemist U. S. Torpedo Corps.
New Field of Honor *

.James E. Pilcher..

Capt. Med. Dept. U.S.A.
Small Arms of European Armies, The* W. W. Kimball, U.S.N. .... . vi. 363

U. S. Inspector of Ordnance.
Armytage, R.-Interlude, An, Poem...

..i. 332 Arnold, Sir Edwin : Japonica. I. Japan, the Country

viii. 663 II. Japanese People *.

ix. 17 III. Japanese People (continued)

.ix. 165 IV. Japanese Ways and Thoughts *

ix. 321 Arnold, Matthew...

.. Augustine Birrell.... .iv. 537 With a portrait, engraved by Andrew; and a

view of Laleham Church, by Del'Orme. Arraignment, Poem.

Helen Gray Cone.... iii. 617 Art. See Architect's Point of View, The... W. P. P. Longfellow..

.ix. 119 Art and Patronage..

Point of View...

.ix. 261

... vi. 600

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