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T. DAVISON, Lombard-street,

Wbitofrian, London.


Art. I. Advice to a Young Reviewer, with a Specimen of the Art 1

II. 1. Report, together with the Minutes of Evidence and Ac.

counts, from the Select Committee, on the high Price of
Gold Bullion.

2. Practical Observations, on the Report of the Bullion

Committee. By Charles Bosanguet, Esq.

3. The Question concerning the Depreciation of our Cur.

rency stated and examined: , By Wm. Huskisson, Esq.
M. P.


III. 1. The Speech of John Leach, Esq. M. P. in the Committee

of the whole House, upon the State of the Nation, on

Monday Dec. 31, 1810, upon the Question of Limitations

to the Royal Authority in the Hands of the Regent.

2. The Speech of the Right Hon. Lord Grenville, in the

House of Commons, Jan. 16, 1789, on the proposed

Regency Bill

IV. Voyage de Decouvertes aux Terres Australes, executé par

Ordre de sa Majesté l'Empereur et Roi, sur les Corvettes

le Geographe, le Naturaliste, et la Goëlette le Casuarina,

pendant les Années 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803, et 1804,-

Publié par Decrét Imperial sous le Ministère de M. de

Champagny, et redigé par M. F. Péron, Naturaliste, &c.


V. Six Lectures on the Elements of Plane Trigonometry; with

the Method of constructing Tables of Natural and Loga-

rithmic Lines, Cosines, Tangents, &c. By the Rev. B.

Bridge, A. M. Fellow of St. Peter's College, Cambridge,

and Professor of Mathematics in the East India College 105

VI. 1. Tract on American Politics, entitled, A Sermon preached

in Boston, April 5, 1810, the Day of the Public Fast. By

William Ellery Channing, Pastor of the Church in Fede

ral-street. Published at the Request of the Hearers.

2. A Brief View of the Policy and Resources of the United

States, comprising some Strictures on “A Letter on the

Genius and Dispositions of the French Government": 113

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