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It is the purpose of the writer to present in this series of books a complete explanation of various successful methods of concrete construction that may be employed by the beginner as well as by the more experienced worker. I shall endeavor to give the details of molds and ideas that are not covered by patents, such as may be easily and cheaply constructed; hence the reader is not compelled to purchase expensive patented molds before putting into practise the many successful types of concrete construction I have exhaustively described in this series. There is no practical value to the reader in explaining a patented system of construction, other than a few words on its merits, as the owners of same are always pleased to give this information; hence in going outside the beaten track of concrete authors and presenting ideas, systems, and molds that are practical, successful in operation, and, above all, easily and simply constructed, I trust that I have merited the sincere gratitude of all fellow workers in the concrete field who seek such information.

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. In this little volume it has been the purpose of the writer to give the most practical methods of construction, explained in the plainest possible manner, so that any one can apply same to the work he may be required to construct. In constructing any work of concrete, the factor of safety should be large enough, so that the danger of failure is eliminated. This is of greater need where the work must withstand a large pressure or strain; for it is far better to err on the safe side than to underestimate the requisite strength demanded for the work.

While the construction of small chimneys is well known to every mason, yet the simple forms shown in this volume cannot but be of value to any one who desires to successfully and rapidly construct a small chimney of concrete. The method of building the core in seven separate parts permits it to be removed from a course of concrete, up to six feet in height, without injury to the work or any tackle other than a short chain and bar. The construction of large chimneys of inter-locking concrete blocks has been proven a success. The type shown in this volume insures not only a strong joint, but a lock that is easily and simply molded with the block. The inter-lock

[blocks in formation]

ing blocks for small chimney construction have all the advantages of a secure joint, as is essential for this work, with the addition of spaces for vertical reinforcing rods or bars, thus insuring permanency of construction.

Two methods of constructing forms for large monolithic concrete chimneys are fully illustrated and described. These forms permit a gradual batter to the wall of chimney-a feature that is of value not only for appearance, but adding strength by eliminating excess weight where it is not demanded.

The various types of concrete roofs are fully explained, with details for the construction of monolithic concrete roofs and roofs of reinforced concrete slabs. The various weights of roofing material are given, with cost of constructing a successful concrete slate, and an automatically tamping machine for molding same, which may be constructed of wood where but a few slates are required, or in metal for continuous use. The molding of hip, ridge, and gable ornaments are accomplished in a simple manner; while the necessary data for designing the reinforcement of the average roof surface is also treated.

A. A. HOUGHTON. February, 1911.

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