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Here is one that wishes to live longer,Feels not his gout or palsy, feigns himself Younger by scores of years, flatters his age With confident belying :-with hopes he may With charms, like AEson, have his youth restored.— And with these thoughts so battens, as if Fate Would be as easily cheated on as he. BEN Jonson. WHEN Sir Frederick Brashleigh received Rodney's answer to his proposal, (which we too well know contained an acceptance of it,) he forthwith began to prepare for his matrimonial expedition. He was to sail for India in the ensuing month ; he had much public business to transact at the Horse Guards, and at the India House; oaths to take in Leadenhall Street; dinners to eat in Bishopsgate Street, and arWOL. III. B

rangements to make in various parts of the town and country; considering all which, as well as his present age, he was induced to believe he had not much time to lose. His first operation was to transmit to Miss Rodney a splendid cadeau, consisting of a diamond necklace and ear-rings, together with a variety of trinkets, as ill-suited to her present condition as necessary to the station she was about to fill; and with these evidences of affection he despatched a letter to the young lady, in which he suggested that it would be extremely agreeable to his family, if after his visit to her father, she and her mother were to come up to London, where the necessary purchases for her marriage and voyage must of course be made. Mrs. Brashleigh, his daughter-in-law, would be delighted to see them in York Place, and as Mr. Rodney's voion would very soon occur, it might altogether be made an agreeable party previous to their departure from England. It would be difficult to express the placid indifference with which the poor victim herself received all these tributes of praise and affection. The calm determination not to allow herself to

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