Sayings and Doings, Or, Sketches from Life: 2d series ...

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Сторінка 136 - Tis a very fine thing to be father-in-law To a very magnificent three-tail'd bashaw,* as the man in Bluebeard says and sings.
Сторінка 261 - Not with the living. They feed upon opinions, errors, dreams, And make 'em truths ; they draw a nourishment Out of defamings, grow upon disgraces, And, when they see a virtue fortified Strongly above the battery of their tongues, Oh, how they cast to sink it ! and, defeated, (Soul-sick with poison) strike the monuments Where noble names lie sleeping, till they sweat, And the cold marble melt.
Сторінка 103 - tis gone for aye. POLLY. The boy, thus, when his sparrow's flown, The bird in silence eyes; But soon as out of sight 'tis gone, Whines, whimpers, sobs and cries.
Сторінка 1 - Yet this is reckon'd life ! nay, here was one, Is now gone home, that wishes to live longer ! Feels not his gout, nor palsy ; feigns himself Younger by scores of years, flatters his age With confident belying it, hopes he may, With charms, like yEson, have his youth restored : And with these...
Сторінка 201 - Press of heaven is unceasingly at work — night and day; the only free power all over the world — 'tis indeed like the air we breathe — if we have it not, we die.
Сторінка 210 - This truth shall manifest, — A gentle wife Is still the sterling comfort of man's life. To fools a torment, but a lasting boon To those who wisely keep their Honeymoon.
Сторінка 1 - ... em, their limbs faint, Their senses dull, their seeing, hearing, going, All dead before them; yea, their very teeth, Their instruments of eating, failing them; Yet this is reckoned life! Nay, here was one, Is now gone home, that wishes to live longer! Feels not his gout, nor palsy; feigns himself Younger by scores of years, flatters his age With confident belying it, hopes he may With charms, like Aeson...
Сторінка 384 - B.'s unfortunate parents has given me the greatest satisfaction; and it appears to me that her Ladyship's conduct towards you evinces a coldness of which I did not suspect her ; and I have taken the liberty of telling her so. I trust she will be able to give an account of herself, which may be satisfactory to you, when we have the pleasure of seeing you here. " The people at the inn do not seem to know exactly when you return, but I leave this to request you will dine with us, whatever day you come...
Сторінка 77 - O call not to my mind what you have done ; It sets a debt of that account before me, Which shows me poor, and bankrupt even in hopes.
Сторінка 178 - SINCE custom and propriety have combined with fashion and delicacy, to require the tempofury seclusion from society, of ladies and gentlemen in the interesting situation of Sir Frederick and Lady Brashleigh, I am compelled to quit the happy couple at the door of their selected domicile, at Hartford Bridge, and bring the reader back to the proceedings of Mr.

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