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Buddhism introduced into China, 2.
AFRICA, phases of savage life in, 55 ; comfort of a

Buonapartes (the) claimed as Lombard, and there.

fore Teutonic, 104.
peasant in intertropical, ib. ; rich zone of fertili.
ty from 5o S. to Jo N. lat., ib. ; trade a passion in, Busaco, battle of, 216.
56; want of roads, ib.; fantastic phases and ter: Byrne's (Miles) Memoirs of the Irish Rebellion,

rible realities of savage life, 59; ethnology of
the races near the equator, 60; rains, 64; dis-

covery of the equatorial snowy mountains, a
geographical triumph, 66; prospects of com-
merce with the interior, 68. (See Speke.),

Cambridge's (Duke of) evidence on Armstrong and
Amberley's (Viscount) · Clerical Subscription. 276.

Whitworth guns, 85.
America, theory of the continuation of English ger Chalmers target, 82.

Cash (Chinese), explained, 6.
nius in, a fallacy, 23; effect of the magnitude of
London on the

American mind, 23, 24 ; feeling Chesneys (Capt.) military view of campaigns in
for the Old Home,' 32, 33; three systems of

America, 149, 156.
book building respecting, 149 ; intoxicating ef- Chevalier's (M. Michel) works on Mexico, 180.
fects of popular ovations on British tourists, 149, China Proper, the most influential part of the Em-
150; works of Tocqueville and Chevalier, 150;

pire, 1; how Buddhism was introduced, 2; com-
of M. Chasles, 151.

petitive examinations and patriarchal authority
American boasting respecting ordnance unfounded,

at the root of Chinese polity, ib.; progress un-
88 ; prospective view of probable American revo-

impeded by caste, ib. ; three physical divisions
lutions, 161.

of China Popper, 3 ; each square mile in Kiang:
Americans, Wordsworth's remark on their need of

su supports 800 human beings, ib.; mineral
a civil war, 35. (See Confederates.)

wealth, 4; coal and iron, ib.; Sycee silver, 6;
Anderson's (Mr.), evidence respecting alleged de-

gold, ib. ; meaning of cash,' 'ib.; decimal sys-
fects in Armstrong guns, 77; answered, 78.

tem, ib.; advantage of minute subdivision of
Aranda's (Count de) prescience respecting the Uni-

coin, 6, 7 ; manufacture of cannon and shot, 7;
ted States, 197.

population classed as literati, agriculturists, arti-
Armstrong (Sir W.) preceded Mr. Whitworth in

sans, and merchants, ib. ; tenure of land, 7, 8;
using steel shot, 81. (See Guns.)

women cannot inberit property, 8; cultivation
Asua River, a great tributary of the Nile, 61.

of rice, ib.; terrace cultivation, 9; cotton, 9, 10;
Augustenburg's (Duke of) claim to the crown of

Nankin cloth, 10; description of cotton gather-
Denmark examined, 143.

ing, ib.; history of the tea-plant, 10, 11; chief
Augustus, legend respecting, 115, 116.

tea-growing districts, 11; universal use of tea,
Austria, danger threatening from Italy and Hun.

12; silk and silk-districts, ib.; exports of silk,

13; extensive water communication, ib.; the
gary, 146.
Austrians merciless to the treasures of Italian ge-

most important trading rivers, 14; the Yang-tze,
nius, 168.

ib.; navigable by large ships 1000 miles from
Aztec passion for flowers, 182; religion, 190. (See

the coast, ib.; the Si-kiang and Pei-ho, 14, 15;

prevalence of piracy, 15; population of a pre.
eminently trading character, 16; native compe-

tition in cotton cloth, 17; statistics of trade

with China in 1860, ib.; the most laborious and
Banana, the most prolific vegetable furnishing thrifty nation in the world, 18; the opium-trade,
nourishment to man, 182.

18, 19; practically a constitutional monarchy,
Benjamin (Mr.) without an equal as a speaker in 20; large amount of local self-government, ib. ;
the Old United States Senate, 155, 156.

origin of the Taeping rebellion, ib. ; two defects
Bennett (Mr.) editor of the New York Herald, an. in the competitive system, 21 ; depreciation of
eédote of, 151.

military service, the chief cause of the decline of
Blakely's (Capt.) guns, 71.

the empire, ib. ; religious consequence of the
Brazil, discussion of the dispute with, 253; sup- Taeping rebellion, 22; first employment of for-

posed murder of the crew of an English vessel, eign contingents, ib.

ib.; insult to officers of the Forte,' 254. Cicero, an exception to the general characteristics
Broughton's (Lord) account of the final extinction of Roman literature, 36; individuality of his
of ancient Rome, 107, 108.

writings, ib. ; rhetorical character of his epistles,
Brown's ' Autobiographical Poems of Shakspeare,' ib.; opposite errors of his biographers, Middle-

ton and Drumann, 36, 37; Mr. Forsyth avoids
Bruce's Life of Gen. Sir W. Napier, 198. (See Na. the faults of both, 37; Cicero's knowledge of

Greek Art, 37; his temperament more Greek

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