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to England. ***** Notwithstanding there appeared to be no natural defect in his organs of speech, after all the pains that had been taken with him, he could never be brought distinctly to articulate a single syllable, and proved totally incapable of receiving any instruction."—North Church Parish Register, Hertfordshirę.

The register proceeds to give a long and particular account of Peter's being put under the care of various persons. He appeared to have been unable to speak to the very last, though every endeavour was made for his instruction. He danced to music, however, and could hum a tune.

For a further description of this singular being, who lived till the age of 72, I refer my readers to the Parish Register, to the Annual Register, (Dodsley's) for 1784 and 5, and to all the other periodical works and miscellaneous collections of that period.

It seems that he was generally considered to be an idiot, though his countenance bore not that appear

There is no reason to believe that he could speak when he was lost; and his being left in the woods or lost there, before the organs of speech were exercised, will account for his never arriving at a distinct utterance of the simplest expressions. That he danced when he heard a tune, till he was exhausted with fatigue, can easily be accounted for, and it

proves hiin to have been no idiot.

This is further evinced by the account of a Mr. Burgess, transmitted to Lord Monboddo, and inserted by him in his Ancient Metaphysics, by which it appears that Peter could count twenty, and answer various questions distinctly.




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