Transactions, Том 14

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American Institute of Electrical Engineers., 1897
"Index of current electrical literature" Dec. 1887-1890 appended to v. 5-7.

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Сторінка 505 - All conductors connecting with telephone, district messenger, burglar alarm, watch clock, electric time, and other similar instruments, must be provided near the point of entrance to the building with some protective device which will operate to shunt the instruments in case of a dangerous rise of potential, and will open the circuit and arrest an abnormal current flow. Any conductor normally forming an innocuous circuit may become a source of fire hazard if crossed with another conductor, through...
Сторінка 493 - The lower limit is specified for rubber-covered wires to prevent gradual deterioration of the high insulations by the heat of the wires, but not from fear of igniting the insulation. The question of drop is not taken into consideration in the above tables.
Сторінка 498 - No combination fixture in which the conductors are concealed in a space less than one-fourth inch between the inside pipe and the outside casing will be approved. e. Must be tested for "contacts" between conductors and fixtures, for "short circuits" and for ground connections before it is connected to its supply conductors.
Сторінка 502 - All elbows or bends must be so made that the conduit or lining of same will not be injured. The radius of the curve of the inner edge of any elbow not to be less than three and one-half inches.
Сторінка 492 - Must be so spliced or joined as to be both mechanically and electrically secure without solder; they must then be soldered to insure preservation, and the joint covered with an insulation equal to that on the conductors.
Сторінка 500 - No. 40 a), properly protected against mechanical injury ; the circuit to be controlled by a switch placed outside of the pit. e. Must have all wiring and apparatus installed in accordance with rules under Class "C" for constant potential systems.
Сторінка 489 - a. Must be attached to each side of every overhead circuit connected with the station. It is recommended to all electric light and power companies that arresters be connected at intervals over systems in such numbers and so located as to prevent ordinary discharges entering (over the wires) buildings connected to the lines.
Сторінка 492 - Must be separated from contact with walls, floors, timbers or partitions through which they may pass by non-combustible, non-absorptive, insulating tubes, such as glass or porcelain, except at outlets where approved flexible tubing is required.
Сторінка 498 - Must be so suspended that the entire weight of the socket and lamp will be borne by knots under the bushing in the socket, and above the point where the cord comes through the ceiling block or rosette, in order that the strain may be taken from the joints and binding screws.
Сторінка 489 - All circuits must be provided with reliable ground detectors. Detectors which indicate continuously, and give an instant and permanent indication of a ground are preferable. Ground wires from detectors must not be attached to gas pipes within the building.

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