Зображення сторінки
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Write for special circulars showing rates and illustrated descriptive pamphlets to

S. K. HOOPER General Passenger Agent


During the Summer months these cars are operated on daylight trains (regular) through the

Royal Gorge, Canon of the Grand and Black Canon of the Gunnison. Seats Free.


In answering advertisements please mention SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE

It is Tone that makes or unmakes a piano It is Tone that has won fame for the

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New York is America—just as Paris is France. Every trade-buyer in the country comes to New York at least twice a year. About 300,000 people from all over the United States pass through New York City every 24 hours. The influence of New York is felt in everything-in business, especially. As New York buys, so buys the Nation.

Everybody in the greatest city in the world (including the 300,000 out-of-towners referred to above) rides in the Surface Cars of New York City; therefore, the advertisers in the New York City Surface Cars tell their story persistently to the greatest buying public on earth (1,700,000 residential circulation plus 300,000 all-over-the-country circulation every day); and therefore, New York City Surface Car Advertising is nothing short of National Publicity.

As well as the strongest local sales force.

We have the exclusive control of all advertising space in the Surface Cars of New York City—boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Richmond and in the 5th Ave. Auto Busses. No patent medicine advertising accepted — we have a standard.

Dealings direct with principals only.
Space may now be arranged for from September ist.

New York City
Car Advertising

225 Fifth Avenue, N. Y.

In answering advertisements please mention SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE


of Sterling Silverware


This is one of the newest of our productions in Sterling Silver and is characterized by a simplicity and grace in delightful harmony with the present Colonial Renaissance.

This perfect Colonial design is proving one of the most popular we have ever offered; while its peculiar artistic merit – which will indefinitely preserve this popularity – makes Heppelwhite Silver particularly fitting as a wedding gift for this June's bride.

The Heppelwhite design, including complete sets of Flat and Hollow Ware for the dining table special pieces for the sideboard, and many desk ornaments and exquisite toilet articles for the dressing table—is the most comprehensive pattern ever offered.

Our Trade RR Mark on silver is an absolute guarantee of quality.

We are pleased to send on request, booklets descriptive
of this and others of our productions and to direct you
to the dealer in your locality who handles our wares.


Established 1824

Factories : TAUNTON, MASS., U. S. A.
Represented at NEW YORK: - • Fifth Avenue cor. 32nd Street, and 4 Maiden Lane
Chicago: 103 State Street

San Francisco : 154 Sutter Street

In answering advertisements please mention SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE

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