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Out-of-Town Service Tiffany & Co.'s out-of-town service is an important feature of their business, and reaches patrons in all parts of the world Intending purchasers are invited to correspond, with the assurance that their inquiries will receive the most exacting attention, regardless of the amount involved . Photographs and descriptions of diamond, pearl, and precious-stone jewelry; silverware, fancy goods and other articles, will be sent upon request Tiffany & Co. are strictly retailers and do not employ agents or sell their wares through dealers

The Tiffany Blue Book, 700 pages, sent upon request

Fifth Avenue & 37th Street New York

In answering advertisements please mention SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE


THERE is a Cake-Baking Secret

known to good cooks that should interest every housewife.

g It's the use of Kingsford's Corn Starch-not only in the filling, but in the cake itself-one part Corn Starch to three parts flour. It makes the daintiest smooth, light cake imaginable.

KINGSFORD'S CORN STARCH is absolutely necessary for the best Angel Cake, White Mountain and other white cakes. Use one-half cup corn starch mixed with the flour.

KINGSFORD'S has a hundred uses. The good cook reaches for the familiar yellow package a dozen times a day. It's on her grocery list every week.

g A Word to Kingsford Friends–Send us the name of any young housewife who thinks that Corn Starch is used only for puddings or desserts; we will send her our new little Book (S), “What a Cook Ought to Know About Corn Starch." We will gladly mail you without cost a copy too if you like.



In answering advertisements please mention SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE

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