Зображення сторінки


By Edith Wyatt


The silver-hooded morning

Spoke freshly to my heart
From some high misty pasture-land

Where cool leaves blew apart.
I saw his cloak glance on the strand

Past cobbled street and mart.

"I am the shepherd morning,

I am the shepherd day
Come, foot and soul, and walk with me

Wherever runs the way,
By dusty road and green-cropped lea,

Through weather clear and gray.”

O fleet-foot morning, mock not me;

Too swift you speed apace.
Drop your adorning down for me

And let me see your face-
Now I have crossed with you till noon

The meads and steeps of space."

Divine am I, your master,

The day of life you'll live,
Come faster and come faster on

And take the roads I give.
And down the craggy pass I saw

His mantle fugitive.

The river frogs were calling “Hark!”

And bush and sward and mould
Were blue and stark with dew and dark

And fragrant in the cold.
Half sheltered in a byre unsought

We found a wayside fold.

Then backward glanced my master day,

And as he turned apace
His hooded mantle dropped away

With free and random grace;
And only when my guide was gone

I looked upon his face.

Far in a mountain pasture-land

I heard his footsteps go
Among the sapphire-terraced stars,

The night's wide dark and snow.
Ahead he dropped my welkin's bars

To fields I could not know.

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