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Nor blessing may I find,
Until I feel thy blissful seal,

To bind my broken heart,
My wounded soul to heal.

O point me to the cross,

And cause my hope to glow; Assurance firm and steadfast give, That Jesus died that I might live,

And his salvation know; And then his love my heart would move,

And raise my grovelling thoughts

To fix on things above.
O blest inspiring hope,

Such joy henceforth be mine,
To know the Saviour is my Friend,
On Him in all things to depend;

All else I would resign; 'Twere bliss supreme, all else a dream ;

Be this my only trust,

Be this my only theme.
Then would my days present

A new and different scene :
A pilgrim bought by blood divine,
My all, dear Saviour, should be thine;

While in this dark terrene,
I'd live to thee, my strife should be

To spread thy fame abroad
Till I thy glory see.

And when this life shall close,

And fade away in death, May some blest angel bear away My soul to realms of endless day,

To catch the living breath ;
To dwell on high, beyond the sky,

Where sorrow ne'er invades,
And pleasures never die.

At ten a child,

At twenty wild,
At thirty strong, if ever;:

At forty wise,

At fifty rich,
At sixty good, or never.

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