Much Ado About Jessie Kaplan: A Novel

St. Martin's Publishing Group, 1 . 2007 . - 288 .
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Paula Marantz Cohen's triumphant first novel, Jane Austen in Boca, was an inspired blend of classic English literature and modern American manners. Her new novel heads north to the seemingly quiet suburban town of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, for a comedy that even Shakespeare couldn't have imagined.

Carla Goodman is worried. Her husband, a gastroenterologist in private practice, is coming home frazzled because medicine isn't what it used to be. Her son's teachers want to put him on Ritalin to stop him from wreaking havoc on the fifth grade. And her cranky twelve-year-old daughter has a bas mitzvah coming up.

But it's Carla's sweet, widowed mother, Jessie Kaplan, who really has her baffled. Jessie has suddenly "remembered" that she was Shakespeare's girlfriend---the Dark Lady of the sonnets---in a previous life. Can even the famed Dr. Leonard Samuels, psychiatrist and author of the self-help book How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love My Mother-in-Law, help with problems like these?

Witty, engaging, and wickedly observant, Much Ado About Jessie Kaplan is an unpredictable tale of love, loss, and family rites of passage.

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  - tarheel96 - LibraryThing

Touting itself as the story of a grandmother (Jessie Kaplan) who begins having flashbacks of her life as the mysterious Dark Lady of Shakespeare's sonnets, this book piqued my interest as I was ...

LibraryThing Review

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I'm a huge fan of Paula Marantz Cohen. I stumbled upon her first novel, Jane Austen in Boca, while browsing in the library, and I've been a fan ever since. For some reason, I missed the publication of ...

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Paula Marantz Cohen is Distinguished Professor of English at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She is the author of five nonfiction books, including Silent Film and the Triumph of the American Myth and The Daughter as Reader: Encounters Between Literature and Life, as well as the novel Jane Austen in Boca. She lives in Moorestown, New Jersey, with her husband and two children.