A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology: Oarses-Zygia

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William Smith
J. Murray, 1873

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Сторінка 358 - It was one of the most ancient as well as one of the most interesting places in sacred record.
Сторінка 118 - Marcelli omniumque, quos illi celebrarunt, si tamen eorum libri propter antiquitatis incertum codicum collatione firmentur. Ubi autem diversae sententiae proferuntur, potior numerus vincat auctorum, vel, si numerus aequalis sit, eius partis praecedat auctoritas, in qua excellentis ingenii vir Papinianus emineat, qui ut singulos vincit, ita cedit duobus.
Сторінка 55 - Oenopion, king of Chios, and sought her in marriage. He cleared the island of wild beasts and brought the spoils of the chase as presents to his beloved ; but as Oenopion constantly deferred his consent, Orion attempted to gain possession of the maiden by violence.
Сторінка 161 - ... demonstrated by the minuteness and particularity of his description. The work is merely an Itinerary. Pausanias gives no general description of a country or even of a place, but he describes the things as he comes to them. His account is minute ; but it mainly refers to objects of antiquity and works of art, such as buildings, temples, statues, and pictures. He also mentions mountains, rivers, and fountains, and the mythological stories connected with them, which, indeed, are his chief inducements...
Сторінка 13 - Fate of the Suitors. — Ulysses had now been away from Ithaca for twenty years, and when he awoke he did not recognize his native land. Minerva appeared to him in the form of a young shepherd, informed him where he was, and told him the state of things at his palace. More than a hundred nobles of Ithaca, and of the...
Сторінка 62 - Dionysus (ú/ío^ayía), partook of no other animal food. They wore white linen garments, like Oriental and Egyptian priests, from whom, as Herodotus remarks, much may have been borrowed in the ritual of the Orphic worship.
Сторінка 183 - By Ulysses she had an only child, Telemachus. who was an infant when her husband sailed against Troy. During the long absence of Ulysses she was beleaguered by numerous and importunate suitors, whom she deceived by declaring that she must finish a large robe which she was making for Laertes, her aged father-inlaw, before she could make up her mind. During the daytime she accordingly worked at the robe, and in the night she undid the work of the day. By this means she succeeded in putting off the...
Сторінка 369 - Epinicia are divided into four books, celebrating respectively the victories gained in the Olympian, Pythian, Nemean, and Isthmian games. In order to understand them properly we must bear in mind the nature of the occasion for which they were composed, and the object which the poet had in view. A victory gained in one of the four great national festivals conferred honour not only upon the conqueror and his family, but also upon the city to which he belonged.
Сторінка 294 - Afterward, however, he raised a powerful fleet, with which he gave battle to the Syracusans, but having been defeated, and finding himself cut off from all hopes of escape, he put an end to his own life to avoid falling into the hands of his enraged countrymen.
Сторінка 16 - The riddle, which ran as follows — a creature with four feet has two feet and three feet, and only one voice, but its feet vary, and when it has most it is weakest...

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