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Сторінка 325 - That in order to aid in acquiring and diffusing among the people of the United States useful and practical information on subjects connected with agriculture, and to promote scientific investigation and experiment respecting the principles and applications of agricultural science...
Сторінка 2 - State which may take and claim the benefit of this act, to the endowment, support, and maintenance of at least one college where the leading object shall be, without excluding other scientific and classical studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts...
Сторінка 2 - ... without excluding other scientific and classical studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts, in such manner as the legislatures of the States may respectively prescribe, in order to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions in life.
Сторінка 3 - I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.
Сторінка 243 - ... at the end of the second year. At the end of the third year, HAO costs would just about reach the ceilings implied under Sec.
Сторінка 2 - That all moneys derived from the sale of the lands aforesaid by the States to which the lands are apportioned, and from the sales of land scrip hereinbefore provided for, shall be invested in stocks of the United States, or of the States, or some other safe stocks, yielding not less than five per centum upon the par value of said stocks...
Сторінка 56 - ... expenses while in attendance may, in the discretion of the president, be granted such leave of absence and may be allowed a period not exceeding six years from the commencement thereof for the completion of his course at said university.
Сторінка 34 - Ancient history, with special reference to Greek and Roman history, and including also a short introductory study of the more ancient nations and the chief events of the early Middle Ages, down to the death of Charlemagne (814).
Сторінка 280 - August i, 1895, may without further examination, on payment of $10 to the regents and on submitting such evidence as they may require, receive from them an indorsement of their licenses or diplomas conferring all rights and privileges of a regents' license issued after examination.
Сторінка 39 - During the first year the work should comprise: 1. Careful drill in pronunciation. 2. The rudiments of grammar, including the conjugation of the regular and the more common irregular verbs, the inflection of nouns, adjectives, and pronouns, and the elementary rules of syntax. 3.

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