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France, its Exposition of National Industry, App. note D. ; its law of

copyright in books, App. 352.
French Architects, their competition for the monument of General Foy,

German Art Unions, instances of their encouragement of bistorical art,

App. 374.
Glyptotheca of Munich. See Munich.
Government, British, its duties in respect of the fine arts, 31; and past

neglect of them, 37.
Historical Painting and Sculpture, necessity and means of their public

encouragement, 185.
Houses of Parliament, opportunities afforded by their erection, for the

encouragement of historical painting and sculpture, 334.
Italian Art, causes of its revival, 29.
Kunstverein fur die Rheinlande und Westphalen, 242.
Letters Patent. See Patents for Inventions.
London, Art Union of, its plan and progress, 217.
Lyons, its copyright tribunals, 63; its school of arts, 103,
Monuments in Churches, their proper character, 207.
Munich, picture and sculpture gallery of, App. 368; Art Union of, 242.
Museum, British, see British Museum.
Museum of British History, want thereof, 114.
Museums of ornamental art, should be established in connexion with

schools of design, 101.
National Gallery of England, its constitution and management, 118;

improvements suggested, 131.
Netherlands, copyright in, App. 352
Paris, its Société des Amis des Arts, 239.
Patents for Inventions, existing state of the law respecting, 57; Mr.

Mackinnon's Bill thereon, 72; remedies suggested, 74; Lord Brough-
am's Act, App. 355.

- American law respecting. See America.
Patterns. See Copyright.' France.
Pinacotheca of Munich. See Munich.
Post-office Reform, its bearings on artistic and educational progress, 90.
Prussia, copyright in, App. 351.
Public galleries of art, importance of, 107; nature of those most wanted

in England, 109; best means of establisbing them, 112.
Raffaelle's Cartoons, propriety of removing them from Hampton Court

palace to London, 126."
Reformation, its effects on the arts of design in England, 201.
Royal Academy of Arts, its constitution and management, 129, 153; sug-

gestions for its improvement, 177.
Russia, copyright in, App. 352.
Schools of Design, 97; plan and progress of the central school established

by the Government at Somerset House, 100; suggestions for its im-
provement, 101; necessity of local schools in manufacturing districts, ib.
Scotland, Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts in. See' Edinburgh.
Society for the Encouragement of British Art, its plan and progress, 246.

for the Encouragement of Vocal Music .... 340.

for Promoting Free Access to National Monuments,..., 213,
- of British Artists, ... . 256.

for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts in Scotland. See Edin-
Spain, copyright in, App. 351.
Verein der Kunstfreunde im Preussischen Staate. See Berlin.


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