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Hunting ants—The Driver ants—Ecitons-Insects mimicking

ants— Enemies of ants-Parisites-Mites-Phora–Domestic
animals of ants-Aphides-Eggs of Aphides kept through
the winter by ants-Blind beetles-Pets - Progress among
ants-Relations of ants to one another- Stenamma-Solenopsis
-Slave-making ants – Formica sanguinca - Polyergus
Expeditions of Polyergus-Polyergus fed by the slaves,
Strongylognathus-Degradation of Strongylognathus-Aner-

gates-Explanation of the present state of Strongylognathus

and Anergates— Progress among ants--Phases of life-

Hunting, pastoral, and agricultural species .

• 63

Mr. Grote on ‘Morality as a necessity of society'- Behaviour

of ants to one another-Statements of previous writers :

Statements of previous writers : Kirby_and Spence, Huber, la

Franklin, Dugardin, Forel-Habit of bringing friends to
food—Exceptional cases-Experiments to determine whether
ants are brought or directed to stores of food-Scent-Sight

-Experiments with different quantities of food-Ants

which returned empty-handed and brought friends to

assist . . . .

. . . 153

Difficulty experienced by bees in finding their way-Communi-

cation between bees-Bees do not by any means always
summon one another when they have discovered a store of
food-Bees in strange hives—Infatuation of bees—Want of
affection-Behaviour to queen-Sentinels—The sense of
hearing—The sense of colour- Experiments with coloured
papers-Power of distinguishing colours-Preference for
blue-Influence of bees on the colours of flowers— Blue
flowers-Paucity of blue flowers-Blue flowers of compara-

tively recent origin . .




Communication among wasps-Like bees, they by no means

invariably bring companions when they have discovered a
store of food-Courage of wasps—Polistes gallica-A tame

wasp-Power of distinguishing colours—Wasps less guided

by colour than bees-Industry of wasps-A day's work-

Directness of flight of wasps . . . . . 311

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