Spin Alternative Record Guide

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Eric Weisbard, Craig Marks
Vintage Books, 1995 - 468 стор.
America's premiere alternative music magazine presents a book of outrageously opinionated reviews of the essential albums of punk, new wave, indie rock, grunge, and rap. Its abundantly illustrated, full-color pages provide in-depth and informative record reviews on the widest possible scale of alternative music. National ads/media.

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LibraryThing Review

Рецензія користувача  - nervenet - LibraryThing

Kind of lame. No apparant guiding principles in selection or omission of artists or pieces within catalogues. Writing isn't bad, but neither is it great at any point. Totally scattershot, incomplete, and overall not very helpful as a reference guide. Читати огляд повністю

LibraryThing Review

Рецензія користувача  - oakes - LibraryThing

The Spin effort tries to do for “alternative” rock what The Rolling Stone Record Guide did for all of rock twelve years earlier. This guide is useful to a point but there is an excess of irony and ... Читати огляд повністю


Alternative Albums 453
Index 459
Contributors 465
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