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Combination of the Word and Phonic Methods.

Spelling Book Dispensed With.

Good Pictorial Illustrations.
Elocutionary Exercises.
Conversation Exercises.

Language Lessons.

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The only Series of Copy-Books with Movable copies, the superior advantages of which are too obvious to be disputed. 94. The only Series of Copy-Books" which insures rapid improvement at every stage of the pupil's practice.

The only Series of Copy-Books which makes instruction in the subject of penmanship, easy, practical, and invariably successful.

ice, for Introduction, $1.08 per Doz. For samples, etc., Address


61, Washington Street, Chicago.

RIVER FALLS, Winter Term opens WEDNESDAY, Jan. 1. OSHKOSH,


TUESDAY, Jan. 6, WHITEWATER, Spring Term opens WEDNESDAY, Jan. 29.

Examination for admission the day previous.


The Board of Regents of Normal Schools has adopted the following regula. tions for the admission of students to any State Normal School:

1. Each assembly district in the state shall be entitled to eight representatives in the Normal Schools, and in case vacancies exist in the representation to which any assembly district is entitlod, such vacancies may be filled by the president and secrctary of the Board of Regents.

2. Candidates for admission shall be nominated by the county superintendent of the county (or if the county superintendent has not jurisdiction, then the nomination shall be made by the city superintendent of the city) in which such candidates may reside, and they shall be at least sixteen years of age, of sound.

dily health and of good moral character. Each person so nominated shall re. ceive a certificate setting forth his name, age, health and character, and a dupli. cate of such certificate shall be immediately sent by mail, by the superintendent, to the secretary of the board.

3. Upon presentation of such certificate to the president of a State Normal School, the candidate shall be examined, under the direction of said president, in the branches required by law for a third grade certificate, except history and theory and practice of teaching, and if found qualified to enier the Normal School in respect to learning, he may be admitted, after surnishing such evi. dence as the president may require of good health and moral character, and after subscribing to the following declaration: 1,

do hereby declare that my purpose in entering this State Normal School is to fit myself for the profession of teaching, and that it is my intention to engage in teaching in the public schools of this state,

4. No person shall be entitled to a diploma, who has not been a member of the school in which euch diploma is granted, at least one year, nor who is less than nineteen years of age; but a certificate of attendance may be granted by the president of a Normal School to any person who shall have been a member of such school for one term, provided that in his judgment such certificate is dc. served.

THE TERMS OF BOARD AT EACH LOCALITY ARE VODERATE. Information as to board and other matters may be obtained by addressing the Presidents of the respective schools, as fo‘lows: Pres't E. A. CHARLTON, at Platteville; Pres't J. W. STEARNS, at Whutewater; Pres't GEORGE S. ALBEE, at Oshkch; Pres't W. D. PARKER, at River Falls.



Price. Price.

For Common Schools

no series of books can be

found to compare in Excellence, Completeness and Economy, with the following list of stardard TextBuoks'selected from

The American Educational Series. Hundreds of Districts throughout the Northwest have, within the past few years, adopted the most or all of these books, and their introduction and use bave repaid tenfold their cost in securing uniformity in the use of the best books published.

Mailing Introd'n. Exchange Swinton's Speller (Word Book).

$0.22 $0.15 $0.11 New Graded Reader, First..

.22 .15 :10 Second..

.35 .24 .15 Third..

.50 .33 .20 Fourth


.42 .25 Fifth.

1.05 .71 .35 Robinson's First Book in Arithmetic.

.45 .29 .20 Complete Arithmetic.


.50 Kerl's Shorter Course in Grammar.

.65 .45 .33 Swinton's Condensed U. S. History.


.75 .55 Elementary Geography

1.00 .60 .40 Spencerian Copy Books...

.12 ·10 .10 Gray's How Plants Grow (Botany).


.67 .50 Bryant & Stratton's Commercial School Book-Keeping 1.00 .67 .50 Webster's Common School Dictionaries....

.85 .67 .67 Townsend's Shorter Course Civil Goverom nt.

.90 .60 .60

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For High Schools the following works are more widely



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usłd and approved than any other simi. lar publications:



Price. Webster's Academic Dictionary.

$1.90 $1:55 $1.55 Cathcari's Literary Reader....

1.40 .96 .50, Swinton's Complete Geography.

1.60 1.00 Word Analysis..

.35 .24 .18 Randall's Reading and Elocution.

1.25 .83 .63 Kerl's Composition and Rhetoric.

1.10 .75 Robinson's Elementary Algebra..

1.30 ,90 .65 (Ficklin's) Complete Algebra..

1.75 1.20 .88 Geometry..

1.10 .75 .55 Bryant & Stratton's High School Book-Keeping.

2.15 1.50 1.08 Swiptop's Outlines of the World's History.

1.75 1.20 .88 Townsend's Analysis of Civil Government.


.65 Gray's School and Field Book of Botany..

2.15 1.50 . .1.08 Eliot & Storer's Elementary Chemistry.

1.30 .90 Dana's Brief Geology (Geological Story)


.65 Tex - Book of Geology

1.75 1.29 1.29 Kiddle's Elementary Astronomy:


.65 Languellier & Monsanto's French Course..


1.25 1.25 Woodbury's Complete Course in German

1.75 1.20 1.20 Full Descriptive List of these and many other publications sent free on appli. cation.

Sample copies to teachers for examination with a view to introduction on re. ceipt of exchange prices named above. In addressing us, teachers will confer a favor by naming the district town, or city in wbich they are te::ching. ADDRESS IVISON.IBLAKEMAN, TAYLOR & CO..

1 Or, EDWARD COOK, 133 & 135, State Street, Chicago.



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Book Keepire: Renmanship, WATSIDLAND


Send 500. LATEST !

Jansen, McClurg

BEST! & Co., If you wish to open a thorough Commercial Day School Singing Book.

Chicago. Department in your school (not simply a pri

CEOES mary course, usnally taught in schools, önt a By S. W. Štraub. complete business course, with_practice), you can find a teacher qualified in Books Keeping,

BUCKEYE BELL FOUNDRY. Plain and Ornamental Penmanship, and Pit

Established in 1837. man's system of Short-Hand, who has had

Superior Bells of Copper and Tin, mounted twenty years' experience as a tear her in the

with the best Rotary Hangings, for Churches, common schools of Wisconsin. Will be at

Schools, Farms, Factories, Court-houses, Fire liberty the first of March. Address

Alarnis, Tower Clocks, etc. Fully Warranted

Illustrated Catalogue sent Free.
C. S. MARSH, Union Center, Wis. *.

VANDUZEN & TIFT, 102 E. 2d St., Cincinnath

Send $1.00 for 12 cards with copies (cards 3x5 inches).

1.00 for piece of off-haod Aourishing and sist of Italian capitals.
1.00 (each) for large flourished lion, eagle, elephant, deer, etc.
1.00 for one dozen cards, interspersed with birds, scrolls, etc., illuminated with gold

and ornamented in colors.
1.00 for 12 cards with name engrossed in Roman, Old English and German iext letter.

ing (in colore). 1.00 with blank, names, dates, etc., that you may wish inserted; and have your family

records, marriage certificates, charts, etc., nicely filled and returned to you. N. B. - The old dodgo of writing letters to secure specimen work for nothing is played out. Penmen are honost. We guaranty you first class work.


C. S. MARSH, Union Center, Wis.

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