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larized in the opposite plane to that at Grand Musical Festival. - A grand

a greater distance. festival, on the scale of the famous Celebration of Handel, is announced The Lord Bishop of Gloucester, at his to take place in Westminster Abbey primary visitation, held in the month of under the patronage of his gracious July, 1832, intimated to his clergy that Majesty, and the direction of Sir George he would thenceforch devote a tenth Smart. Such an event must make a part of the revenues of his see to the strong sensation in the musical world, augmentation of small benefices in his and will, we trust, produce much benefit diocese. The Bishop has, in pursuance to it, while it affords an extraordinary of this intimation, placed in the hands gratification to the public. We shall of trustees the tenth part of the gross rejoice to see what our national school receipts of his bishopric from that time can do in this noble art, and to enjoy a up to the end of last year, and will contriumph over all those prejudiced per

tinue to do the same at the end of each sons who have held the ridiculous opi- subsequent year, to be applied for the nion that England, with her climate, above purpose, as proper objects present was incapable of reaching the highest at

themselves. tributes in music, in painting, in sculpture, or in other great intellectual pur- Government are said to have it in suits. Let us have opportunities and contemplation, in consequence of the dne encouragement, and we will chal- great increase of crime, to attach the lenge the world.

county of Hants to the Home Circuit, whereby it would possess the advantage

of having three assizes in the year. Several skeletons have lately been dug up in the parish of Stowe, Bucks,

The Glove Trade.- The greater portion

of the workmen in this trade still reone of them of colossal size, and one having an antique gold ring round the

main out. This state of things is to be bone of one finger. It is remarkable

deplored, not only for the sake of the that they have all been found in or near

workmen themselves, but on account of gravel-pits.

that large body of females who are de.

prived of their usual occupation in conCAMBRIDGESHIRE.

sequence of this effort of the Trades' A memoir has been read at the Cam- Union to force the masters to take none bridge Philosophical Society, by the Rev. but members of the union into their J. Challis, containing new researches in employ. Many who have joined the the theory of the motion of fluids. The union would gladly return to work were Rev. T. Chevallier described experiments they assured of protection from the which he had made on the polarization violence of those who have induced of light by the sky. The general re- them to join the union. sults were, that light is polarized by the

SCOTLAND. clear sky; that the effect begins to be Spade Husbandry.The striking and sensible at points thirty degrees distant beneficial circumstances attendant upon from the sun, and that the greatest the use of spade husbandry in the cultiquantity of polarized light proceeds vation of certain soils for wheat crops, from points at ninety degrees distant which are communicated in a circular from the sun,-a fact which seems to letter, signed Arch. Scott, of Southfield, indicate that the reflection, which occa- in East Lothian, deserve the best atsions the polarization, takes place at the tention of all who feel the importance of surface of two media, as nearly as possi- the discussions on the corn-laws, poor. ble, of the same density. It was also laws, free-trade, and other portions of stated, that though the light of the our complicated system connected or moon or of clouds shows no trace of involved with these. The proofs of polarization, a fog, when on the point of success in this great experiment seem clearing off, lets polarized light through, to be very conclusive ; and though we when its breaking up has not yet begun. have not room for a subject rather Mr. Chevallier remarked, that he had foreign to our especial objects, and which not detected any appearances of polari- would require much space, we zation by transmission, though M. Arago earnest in recommending it to the con. had observed within a certain small dis- sideration of the legislature and the tance of the sun, that the light was po- general public.




ABERGAVENNY Rail Road, 135
Absentees, tax on, 89
Acquaintance, my travelling one, 314
Adventurer, Political, Confessions of a, 447
Aërolites, shower of, 401
Agnew, Sir Andrew, his Sabbath Bill, 516
Agriculture, state of, in Great Britain, 262,

401, 541
Alcestis of Alfieri, scenes from the, 170
Alexander, Mr., his “Treatise on the Nature

of Vision,” 528
Anglo-Irish, by Mr. Banim, noticed, 522
Architecture and Peter Wilkins, 515
Arts, Fine. See Fine Arts

Useful. See Useful Arts
Ash, varieties of the, 405
Athenæum Club, locality of the, 518
Atkinson, Mr. Thomas, biographical par.

ticulars of, 131
Aurora Borealis, appearance of, 423
Autumn in London, 431
Axle, improved, for carriages, 405

Backgammon versus Chess, 80

, the Italian, 298
Bank of England, assets of the, 400
Bankrupts, 125, 268, 408, 548
Bannatyne, Sir W. M., his death, 129
Barnardiston, noticed, 248
Barrington, Sir Jonah, his Historic Memoirs

of Ireland, 241
Berbice, address of the inhabitants of, 128
Bernays' Familiar German Exercises, 106
Better Days, 366
Biographical Particulars of celebrated Per-

sons lately Deceased :-Prince Nicholas
Esterhazy de Galantha, 129; Marshal
Jourdain, ib.; Sir William Macleod Ban-
natyne, ib.; Mr. Alfred Nicholson, 130;
Mr. Andrew Picken, ib.; Mr. Thomas
Atkinson, 131; Lord Grenville, 275; The
Hon. George Lamb, 277 ; Wm. Sotheby,
Esq., 278; James Brougham, Esq., M.P.,
ib. ; Lord Teignmouth, 420; Robert Sur-
tees, Esq., ib.; Captain Hoppner, R.N.,
ib.; Mr, Hugh Ronalds, 421; Professor
Mukel, ib.; M. de Bourrienne, 556; M.L.

T. Ventouillac, 557 ; Mr. Thelwall, 558
Bobbin Net Manufacture, 134
Bonnington, Mr, exhibition of his pictures,

Book of Beauty, noticed, 107

Psalms, 247

Science, 251
Booksellers, the chartered, 65
Bourrienne, M. de, his death, 556
Brightly hast thou fled, 291
British Institution, exhibition of the, 390
Brougham, James, Esq., M.P., his death,

April.-VOL. XL. NO. CLX,

Brunel's Apology for the Tunnel, 505
Bulwer, E. L., Esq., his Pilgrims of the

Rhine, 329
Burns, Life and Works of, noticed, 248
Bury, Lady Charlotte, her Three Great

Sanctuaries of Tuscany, noticed, 381
Byron, Lord, his Conversations with the

Countess of Blessington, 97
Cabinet of Romance, noticed, 248
Calendar of the London Seasons, 425
Canada, emigrants to, 272
Carne, Mr., his Letters from Switzerland,

reviewed, 378
Cattle, Irish, importation of, 280
Cecil Hyde, noticed, 107
Ceylon, proclamation of the governor of, 273
Chapters from the Note-Book of a Deceased

Lawyer, No. I. 201; No. II. 349
Chelsea Pensioners, 522
Chess versus Backgammon, 80
Christian Ethics, noticed, 383
Christmas, celebration of, 94
Churches, desecration of, 91
Clarges, Sir Thomas, his death, 376
Club, the, or a Grey Cap for a Green Head,

Clubs, some account of the, 375
Colburn's Modern Novelists, 521
College of Surgeons, lecture at, 258
Colonies, state of the, 127, 271, 418, 555
Colton, Mr., his Tour of the American Lakes,

noticed, 382; on church and state in

America, 387
Come to me, Sleep! 293
Commercial and Money Market Report, 126,

268, 409, 549
Conchologist's Companion, 105
Confessions of a Political Adventurer, 447
Coquette, The, a novel, noticed, 246
County Rates, return of, 135
Covent Garden Theatre, performances at,

253, 394
Craigleith, fossil-tree at, 133
Crime, machinery of, in England, 487
Critical Notices of New Publications, 97,

241, 377,521

Dagley, Elizabeth, her Young Seer, 526
Dance of Death, noticed, 112
Davy, Sir Humphry, his safety lamp, 123
Days, better ones, 366
Deaths, 133, 279, 422, 559

recent, 234
Debtor's Experience, the, No. I. 322; No.

II. 478
Dilemmas of Pride, noticedl, 10+
Drama, the, 112, 253,'393, 531
Drawing-Room Arrangements, 517
Drury Lane Theatre, performances at, 393

2 P

Duelling, German, 470

Hemans, Mrs., German Studies by, 1 ; Songs
Dumas, M., coroner's inquest on, 371

of Spain by, 26; Scenes from the Alcestis
Duncannon, Viscountess, death of, 519

of Alfieri" by, 170 ; Songs for Evening
Duns, a chapter on, 185

Music by, 290 ; Rock of Cader-Idris by,
Duval, Mrs., and her Lodgers, 223

365; her Hymns for Children, 386 ; Pa-
Dyer, Robert, his Nine Years of an Actor's triotic Lays of Italy translated by, 444
Life, 528

Herschel, Sir John, voyage of, 117

Hoppner, Captain,R.N., some account of, 420
Ebro, the bird of, 28

Hops, duty on, in 1833, 136; from 1817 to
Eclipses in 1834, 117

1832 inclusive, 424
Emigration to the Continent, 89

Horne, Sir William, made a Baron of the
England, machinery of crime in, 487

Exchequer, 371
English Abroad, 511

Horse-chestnut, different species of, 263
Esterhazy, Prince Nicholas, his death, 129 House of Commons, debates in, 412, 551
Eugene Aram, noticed, 101

House of Lords, proceedings in, 410, 550
Evidence, rules of, 349

Hydrophobia, treatise on, 116
Excise Duties, return of, 538

Hymn, Spanish, 28
Falkland Islands, importance of the, 272 Ideal in Prose, 329
Falls of the Cavery and Neilgherry Hills, Incendiarism, increase of, 84
Journey to the, noticed. 388

India, quick travelling to, 90
Fashions from France, 93

Indicator and the Companion, noticed, 100
Fiddle-player, the new one, 87

Inhabitants of a Country Town, 223
Finden's Landscape Illustrations of the Ireland, population of, 400
Bible, 392

Irish Affairs in the Coming Session-the
Fine Arts, 111, 253, 390, 531

last Irish Parliament, 213
Fisheries, British, inquiry into the state of, Irish Fools, Sketches of, 9

Italian Bandit, the, 298
Fools, Irish, sketches of, 9

Italy, Patriotic Lays of, 444
Foreign States, affairs of, 129, 237,418,556
Forest-trees, adapted for Plantations, 121, Jamaica, the new governor of, 93
263, 404, 543

Johnson, Captain, his Tour in the Himalaya
Fossil shells, discovery of a bed of, 259

Mountains, 532
France, speech of the King 273; execu- Jourdain, Marshal, his death, 129

tions in, 401; schism amongst ministers
of, 418; instruction in, 540 ; antiquities Kean, Edmund, the early days of, 434

in, 541 ; literary works published in, ib. Keepsake, the, noticed, 108
Frolics of Puck, noticed, 529

Keightley, Thomas, his Tales and Popular
Funds, state of the, 127, 270, 410, 550 Fictions, 249
Future, the, by L. E. L., 393

Kenous, remarkable discoveries of, 260

Knight, Mr., publications of, 65; reply of,
Gale Middleton, noticed, 104

Galt, John, his Stories of the Study, 102;
poems by him, 103

Lamb, Hon. George, biographical particu-
Gauchos, the, a Tale of the Pampas, 137 lars of, 277
Geographical Society, meetings of, 256, 397, Laurie, Sir Peter, vote of thanks to, 85

Lawyer, chapters froin the note-book of a
German Duelling, 470

deceased one, 201, 349
German Studies, hy Mrs. Hemans, 1

Leave me not yet! 293
Gilpin, Rev. W., his remarks on Forest Letters from a Father to his Son on his en-
Scenery, reviewed, 241

tering the Army, noticed, 388
Glass, Mr., his tubular fire-escape, 406 Liberty, what is it? 281
Goddess of Reason, the, 294

Lion's Mouth, the, 95
Government Annuities, amount of, 118 Literature in 1834, 497
Grattan, T. C., Esq., Sketches of Irish Fools Literary and Scientific Institutions of the
by, 9

Metropolis, 116
Great Britain, on the financial state of, 61, Literary Report, 110, 232, 389, 530
270, 33+; population of, 399

Lloyd's, the affair at, 90
Greece, Memoirs of a Tour in, noticed, 387 London, Christenings and Burials in, 279
Green, Mr., on fumigating baths, 266

Idyls, No. I., 465
Grenville, Lord, his death, 238; some ac-

Seasons, Calendar of, 425
count of, 275

University, annual meeting of, 535

Loudon's Cottage Encyclopædia, 525; his
Hayward, Mr., remarks on his Translation Architectural Magazine, 528
of Goethe's Faust, 249

Love and Pride, noticed, 106
Head, a singing in my, 219

Lyell, Charles, Esq., his Principles of Geo-
Helen Gillet, story of, 51

logy, reviewed, 377


Lynn, new Dispensary at, 423

the English, No. I. 192, No. II. 305;

No. III. 456
Machinery of Crime in England, 487 Orange Bough, the, 292
Mackay, Charles, Songs and Poems by, 387 Orchideous Epiphytes, 544
Magnet, experiments with, 123

Oxford Installation, the, 516
Magpie Castle, communicated by the Author Oxy-hydrogen Microscopes, 406

Sayings and Doings," 29
Makanna, or the Land of the Savage, 522 Pampas, a Tale of the, 137
Mansfield, Lord, his charge to the grand Pantheon, in Oxford-street, 88
jury in a case of murder, 205

Paper, from rotten wood, 123
Maple-tree, its utility, 405

Paris, new dramas at, 261
Market, a new one,

Academy of Science, 116
Marriages, 133, 278, 422, 559

Parliament, the last Irish one, 215
Martial' in London, 222, 369, 469

commencement of the session of, 360
Martin, R. M., on the Financial State of Parliamentary Pocket Companion, 247

Great Britain, 61, 270, 334; his History Parvenu Countess, the, 342
of the British Colonies, 110, 521

Patents, new, 124, 407, 548
Martineau, Harriet, her Illustrations of Patriotic Lays of Italy, 444
Political Economy, 251

Pedlar, engraving of, 531
Masoni, the new fiddle-player, 88

Penny Press, the, 175
Masquerades, return of, 234

Peter Simple, noticed, 103
Meeting, a late unreported one, 76

Phansigars, account of the, 398
Meidinger, Henrich, Etymological Dictionary Philosophical Rambler, noticed, 385
by, 529

Picken, Andrew, some account of, 130
Memorables, movements of, 373

Pilgrim of Mont Blanc, 314
Metal, a new one, 261

Pindar, in English verse, 98
Metastasio, on the poetry of, 197

Pipe Rolls, the, 259
Mexico, affairs of, 556

Plants that will thrive in London, 544
Microscopes, oxy-hydrogen, 406

Poetry-Songs of Spain, by Mrs. Hemans,
Milton's Prose Writings, remarks on, 39 26; Scenes from the Alcestis of Alfieri,
Miscellany of Natural History, noticed, 105 170; Martial in London, 222, 369, 469;
Mitforil, Miss, Inhabitants of a Country Songs for Evening Music, by Mrs. Hemans,
Town, by, 223

290; The Future, by L. E. L., 393; The
Mont Blanc, the Pilgrim of, 314

Rock of Cader-Idris, by Mrs. Hemans, 365;
Monthly Commentary, 84, 234, 370, 511 Patriotic Lays of Italy, translated by Mrs.

Digest of Occurrences, 127, 270, Hemans,444; Song in Exile, by the Author
410, 550

of “ Coru-Law Rhymes,” 445 ; Transla-
Morimont, or the Mount of Death, 56

tions from the Greek Anthology, 496 ;
Mukel, Professor, his death, 421

Brunel's Apology for the Tunnel, 505
Mulgrave, Lord, his speech to the Legisla. Police-station, chair, 5+7
tive Assembly of Jamaica, 127

Political Adventurer, Confessions of a, 447
Munich, obelisk erected at, 401

Poor Law Commission, report of, 537
Murder, the late trial for, 85 ; a recent one, Poor Laws, alteration in the, 424

Poplar-tree, varieties of, 404
Museum of National Manufactures, 545 Portugal, the war in, 517
Music, its progress from the commence- Prejudices, contest of, 235

ment of the present century, 20 ; inquiry Prize-fighting in England, remarks on, 488
respecting, 192

Prologue, nonsense, 96
Musical Publications, noticed, 109

Prose, on the Ideal in, 329
My Travelling Acquaintance, 314

Provincial Occurrences, 133, 279, 422, 560

Prussia, affairs of, 129
Names, fashion of changing, 513

Publications, new,

critical notices of, 97, 241,
Napoleon match, trick of, 240

377, 521
National Gallery, 234

list of, 110, 252, 389, 530
Navy, French, estimate of, 261

Punishments, capital, in Great Britain, 538
New Romney, vessel discovered imbedded
in the earth at, 134

Quin, M. J., his proposed abolition of the
Newspapers going by Post, 400

local testamentary courts, 388
Newton, the artist, report respecting, 373
Nicholson, Alfred, some account of, 130 Rail-road constructiveness, 371.

Railway, the great western, 135
O'Connell, Mr., and Baron Smith, 519 Raphael, search after his remains, 119

- his talent and dexterity, 213; Reason, the Goddess of, 294
harvest of, 520

Recess, the, reviewed, 523
Oils, clarification of, 124

Reformation Society, map published by, 280
Olympia Morata, noticed, 380

Revolt of the Harem, opera of, 394
Opera, necessity and power of giving one to Richardson, Mr., murdered, 514

Sugar, nutritious qualities of, 331; produced

in different countries, 336
Suicides in London, 538
Summer in London, 430
Surtees, Robert, Esq., his death, 420
Swainston, Robert, trial of, 351
Swan River, accounts from, 418
Sweden, speech of the King of, 418
Sylvester, Mr., his apparatus for warming

and ventilating buildings, 266
Tale without an End, noticed, 247
Tasso of Goethe, scenes from the, 1
Taxes, on the repeal of, 61
Teignmouth, Lord, death of, 420
Thelwall, Mr., some account of, 558
Thoms, W.J., his Lays and Legends of va-

rious Nations, 383
Thomson, Henry, murder of, 202
Thorburn, Grant, his Autobiography, 386
Torrens on Wages and Combination, 385 ,
Trades' Unions, formation of, 92
Tragedy in private life, 370
Translations from the Greek Anthology, 496
Transpositions, legal, 371
Travelling Mems, 334
Turner's Annual Tour, noticed, 108
Turnpike Roads, Committee on, 423

Rio Verde Song, 26
Rock beside the sea, 292

of Cader-Idris, by Mrs. Hemans, 365
Ronalds, Hugh, his death, 421
Round Towers of Ireland, noticed, 250
Royal Academy, proceedings of, 111

Asiatic Society, meeting of the, 398
Mariner, the, noticed, 380
Society, meeting of, 113
Society of Antiqnaries, 114

Society of Edinburgh, proceedings of,
115, 537

United States, speech of the President of,

Useful Arts, 123, 265,405, 545

Varieties, Domestic, 117, 259, 399, 537

Foreign, 119, 260, 401, 540
Velluti, Signor, qualifications of, 20
Venice, remarks on the Carnival at, 306
Ventouillac, Mr. L. T., his death, 557
Vestris, Madame, address of, 531
Victoria Theatre, performances at, 396
Water-wheels, improvements in, 407
Wathen, Captain, court-martial on, 239
West Indies, accounts from, 127, 271
Westminster Abbey, musical festival in,

373, 512, 560
Whateley, Archbishop, on Transportation,

What is Liberty ? 281
Wickliffe, the citation of, 253
Widow, the, 506
Wilkins, Peter, and architecture, 515
Wilkinson, Mr., his Travels in Egypt, 376
William IV., his speech to Parliament, 410
Willow Song, 291
Wool and woollens, imported, 539

Ye are not missed, fair flowers, 290
Yes and No, noticed, 521
Young Gentleman's Book, 249

Zagri Maid, the, 27

Society of Literature, 114
Rural Economy, 121, 263, 404, 543
Sabbath Minstrel, the, 251
Sacred Classics, noticed, 384
St. James's Palace clock, replaced, 89
St. Valentine, the old age of, 514
Sarcophagus, Egyptian, discovery of, 121
Scudamore, Sir Charles, on Consumption,

Seasons, indications of the, 370
Sea-water, experiments on, 401
Session, commencement of the, 360
Sheriffs for 1834, list of, 417
Shipping, British, calculation respecting, 400
Ships, improved moorings of, 267
Shopkeepers, atrocious conduct of, 236
Simon, Dr. lectures of, 265
Sing, Gondolier, 292
Singing in my head, 219
Sketches from the Portfolio of a Medical

Traveller, 29+
Sketches of Irish Fools, 9
Slavery, colonial, 539
Smith, John, his extraordinary trial, 202
Societies, proceedings of, 113; the Royal

Society, ib.; Royal Society of Literature,
114; Society of Antiquaries, 114, 534;
Royal Society of Edinburgh, 115,537 ;
Paris Academy of Science, 116; Literary
and Scientific Institutions, ib.; Society of
Arts, 254; Geographical Society, 256,
397,532; College of Surgeons, 258; Royal
Asiatic Society, 398; London University,

Somnambulism, progress of, 236
Song in Exile, 455
Songs for Evening Music, 290
Songs of Spain, by Mrs. Hemans, 26
Sontag, Mademoiselle, her vocal merits, 22
Sotheby, Wm., Esq., his death, 278
Spain, education in, 260; affairs of, 556
Spring in London, 429
Standard Novels, noticed, 101
Stark, James, his Scenery on the Rivers of

Norfolk, 393
Steam and machinery, 400
Stickney, Miss, her Tales of Private Life, 525
Stories of the Study, noticed, 102
Strategics; or a Chapter on Duns, 185

London : Printed by WilliAM CLOwes, Duke-street, Lambeth.

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