Leopolis Scientifica. Exact Sciences in Lviv until the middle of the 20th century

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Lviv has a long scientific tradition. The present book provides the panoramic overview of the development of exact sciences in the city from the beginning of “scientific studies” (from the middle of the 17th century, when the Lviv University was founded) to World War II. The history of Lviv scientific centers, namely, the Lviv University, the Lviv Polytechnic and the Shevchenko Scientific Society, is presented. Other chapters are devoted to exact sciences, i.e. mathematics, physics and astronomy. The book will appeal to wide audience interested in the history of Lviv, the development of scientific knowledge and higher education in the city.

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The Lviv University until the middle of the 20th century Yaroslav PRYTULA Roman TARNAVSKYI
The Lviv Polytechnic as a center of technical science Oleksander SHYSHKA
The problem of the establishment of the Ukrainian University in Lviv Volodymyr KACHMAR
Clandestine Ukrainian Higher Schools in Lviv Maksym DUDKA Yurij HOLOVATCH Renata SAMOTYJ
The Shevchenko Scientific Society in Lviv Halyna SVARNYK
Mathematics in Lviv Yaroslav PRYTULA
Physics in Lviv institutions for higher education Andrij ROVENCHAK
Physics and Physicists in the Shevchenko Scientific Society Yurij HOLOVATCH Yulian HONCHAR Mariana KRASNYTSKA
The Astronomical Observatory of the Lviv University Stepan APUNEVYCH Bohdan NOVOSYADLYJ
Astronomy at the Lviv Polytechnic Stepan SAVCHUK Liubov YANKIVVITKOVSKA
Astronomy in the Ukrainian scientific societies in Lviv Oleh PETRUK
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