Understanding Oscar

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Little Steps Publishing, 2021 - 32 стор.
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Oscar is a little bit different from his brothers, and has a different way of interacting with the world. Sometimes that can be hard on his brothers, but Banjo discovers that a little understanding can go a long way.

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Про автора (2021)

About the Author
Jade Chapman is a debut author, passionate about spreading awareness of childhood autism and promoting acceptance for kids who are different. She has written this book from her own experience in order to reach out and help all families with children who have special needs and to allow others to understand the difficulties but also the great joy and love that life can bring. She lives in Sydney with her husband and their children.

About the Illustrator
As a child, Naya Lazareva decided to become an illustrator of children's books. She graduated in Book Illustration from the Printing and Publishing department at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Since then she has been mastering her watercolor technique, hoping to shape people's perception of the world from a very young age. She currently lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.

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