The World's Assault Rifles

Ironside International Publishers, Inc., 15 . 2016 .

The World's Assault Rifles is a definitive, comprehensive reference book covering the militaries of 50 countries in 71 chapters. Comprising more than 1,900 photographs, this book includes extensive assault rifle history, operating and locking systems, ammunition types, individual specifications and much more. With the 1200-page hardcover version weighing 9 pounds and now selling for hundreds of dollars, The World's Assault Rifles, as an eBook, offers convenient transportation and comfortable reading pleasure in the office, at home and during travel, not to mention the low cost. Now used by hundreds of military scholars and agencies world wide, The World's Assault Rifles in eBook format will provide instant fingertip access to information unavailable from any other source at an unbeatable price!


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Gary Paul Johnston: Growing up with firearms, Gary Paul Johnston began his career in law enforcement in 1963, and began writing firearms related articles in 1976. Since then, Johnston has published more than 1,700 articles in dozens of firearms periodicals worldwide, plus authoring one book. Johnston considers himself a serious student of firearms, their history, operation, ammunition and application. Now, Gary has put his experience to work co-authoring a new volume of The Worlds Assault Rifles, giving enormous credit to his longtime friend, Thomas B. Nelson, co-author of the original volume in 1967. Gary notes that without Mr. Nelsons perseverance the new volume of this book could have never been written.

Thomas B. Nelson: Noted arms historian Thomas B. Nelson early on developed an avid interest in small arms and particularly automatic weapons. In 1958 Nelson joined the U.S. Army, serving under Col. G. B. Jarrett in the Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Ground, and later in Virginia, assigned to the Technical Intelligence Agency headquarters. After military service Nelson was vice president at Interarmco (later Interarms), later founding Collectors Armoury, Ltd. In 1963 Nelson published The Worlds Submachine Guns, which was reprinted six times and sold in excess of 25,000 copies. His second title, The Worlds Assault Rifles, which was co-authored with his colleague Dan Musgrave, was published in 1967, followed by two others.