The Third Wave: The Classic Study of Tomorrow

Random House Publishing Group, 1981 - 537 .
From the author of Future Shock, a striking way out of todays despair . . . a bracing, optimistic look at our new potentials.

The Third Wave
makes startling sense of the violent changes now battering our world. Its sweeping synthesis casts fresh light on our new forms of marriage and family, on today's dramatic changes in business and economics. It explains the role of cults, the new definitions of work, play, love, and success. It points toward new forms of twenty-first-century democracy.

Praise for The Third Wave

Magnificent . . . an astonishing array of information.The Washington Post

Imperishably fresh.Business Week

Will mesmerize readers, and rightly so.Vogue

Alvin Toffler . . . has written another blockbuster . . . a powerful book.The Guardian

Fresh ideas, clearly explained. . . . Toffler has proven again that he is a master.United Press International

Toffler has imagination and an ability to think of various future possibilities by transcending prevailing values, assumptions and myths.Associated Press

Once you have walked into his version of the future, you may decide never again to whitewash some of the built-in frailties of the real present.Financial Post

Rich, stimulating and basically optimistic . . . will unquestionably aid many to a greater understanding of [todays] puzzling social changes.The Globe & Mail

A detailed breathtakingly bold projection of the social changes required if we are to survive. . . . Tofflers vision of a democratic, self-sustaining utopia is a brave alternative to recent grim warnings.Cosmopolitan





Alvin Toffler (19282016) was an American writer and futurist whose list of bestselling books includes Future Shock, The Third Wave, and Powershift. He was a cofounder of Toffler Associates, a consulting firm for companies and governments worldwide on advances in economics, technology, and social change. In France, where his work won the prestigious Prix du Meilleur Livre Étranger (Best Foreign Book Prize), Alvin was named an Officier de lOrdre des Arts et des Lettres.