The Odessa Network: Mapping Facilitators of Russian and Ukrainian Arms Transfers

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This report links a heavy increase in shipping from Ukraine's Black Sea port of Oktyabrsk to Syria as a major signal that arms shipments are occurring. It links Russian and Ukrainian government leaders with the ships, and the ships' previous histories with arms shipments and their recent habit of turning off transponders and 'going dark' after existing the Bosporus into the Mediterranean. %#JK(K!KQ# JK(%K(9 & 2is report documents over forty weapons shipment events from the o;cial state weapons export agencies of Russia and Ukraine to a wide variety of customers. 2ese shipments include weapons ranging from crates of surplus ammunition to state of the art SAM systems, customers ranging from countries in good international standing to states under active international sanction, and span over a decade of time. Some of these arms transfers are well-known, while others were previously undetected. These shipments were facilitated by a comparatively small group of Ukrainian and EU companies and individuals with close ties to one another, and to senior Russian and Ukrainian governmental and military-industrial officials. In addition, these facilitators utilize support services provided by Latvian money launderers and maritime private security companies sta

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