The Gambling Addiction Patient Workbook

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SAGE, 2003 - 110 стор.

"The addiction field has long needed a comprehensive set of exercises counselors could use to guide patients through good treatment. The workbooks developed by Dr. Perkinson take the patient from the beginning of treatment to the end. They are written in such a manner that Dr. Perkinson is your mentor and is conversing with you, sharing with you his vast area of expertise and knowledge about recovery. These patient exercises meet the highest standards demanded by accrediting bodies."
--Dr. Bob Carr, Director Substance Abuse Program and Mental Health Services, Sioux Falls V.A. Regional Medical Center, South Dakota

"I have used the exercises in The Gambling Addiction Patient Handbook for years. Patients have reported reduced levels of stress from having their assignments organized in this format. It is a challenge for the pathological gambler to slow down and learn in early recovery."
--Sue Van Doren, Nationally Certified Gambling Counselor

"I have been working with compulsive gamblers and their family members for 12 years and find this work extremely rewarding and challenging. I have been utilizing Dr. Perkinson's workbooks for 10 years and have found them to be some of the most useful tools in helping addicts and gamblers identify the many ways that addiction has impacted their lives. Our clients benefit from the straightforward approach of the workbooks and the clear instructions of how to begin incorporating a 12-step recovery program into their lives. I highly recommend Dr Perkinson's workbooks."
--Lisa Vig, Licensed Addiction Counselor and Nationally Certified Gambling Counselor. Gamblers Choice, Fargo, North Dakota

"I have been in the chemical dependency field for over 28 years. I have worked as a counselor, clinical supervisor and executive director in a number of treatment centers. These are the best exercises for alcoholics, drug addicts and problem gamblers that I have ever seen. I have used them for years and patients find them easy to understand. The material covers everything an addict needs to know to enter a stable recovery. I highly recommend these patient handbooks. Patients love them and they make the counselor's job easy. The book makes the job easy as all you will need to help your patient is in one place."
--Bob Bogue, CCSII, CCDC III, Clinical Supervisor

"Dr. Perkinson does and excellent job of bringing together and individualizing 12 step treatment for addicts and gamblers including identifying character defects and relapse prevention. Comments from patients include, 'it has opened my eyes to my gambling and behaviors associated with it' and 'I feel it is easy to work and very self explanatory.'"
--Ron Scherr, CCDC II, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, Avera St. Lukes, Worthmore Treatment Center


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Excellent Workbook

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The exercises in this manual are geat for an early phase of treatmetn for chemical dependency. The exercises are well thought out and provide the patient insight into their disease. Well worth the investment. Читати огляд повністю


Step Two
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Relapse Prevention
Personal Recovery Plan
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He is the Clinical Director of Keystone Treatment Center in Canton, South Dakota. He is a Licensed Psychologist, South Dakota Certified chemical Dependency Counselor, Level III, an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Nationally Certified Gambling Counselor. He has been practicing in the field of addictions for over 27 years.

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