The French Bulldog: Your Essential Guide from Puppy to Senior Dog

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Magnet & Steel Publishing, 2015 - 148 стор.
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DOGS. Speculation is plentiful, but in all likelihood the French Bulldog originated from small Bulldogs brought to France by English lace workers. The Frenchie quickly became popular with both the upper and lower classes, and allegedly Parisian call girls, as well. Frenchies today are exemplary companions, making no apologies for choosing rest over exertion, or cuddle time over training time. The breed's laid-back nature generally blends nicely with families with children, and French Bulldogs typically get along with other dogs (and cats if socialized). The Frenchie is happy to live in an apartment or small house, camp in an RV or hang out on a patio. His exercise requirements are minimal-a nice daily walk will do. He might bark (or he might not if it's naptime.) to alert owners of newcomers, but he's typically too friendly for guard dog duty. Frenchies must live in climate-controlled environments; they're sensitive to hot and cold temperature extremes.

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This book is edited by breed specialist Penny Rankine-Parsons, with chapters provided by a hand-picked team of contributors

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