The Day of St. Anthony's Fire

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Macmillan, 1968 - 310 стор.
This is the strange, true, almost incredible story of a small French village where in '51 hundreds of townspeople went mad on a single night. Many of the most highly regarded citizens leaped from windows or jumped into the Rhone, screaming that their heads were made of copper, their bodies wrapped in snakes, their limbs swollen to gigantic size or shrunken to tiny appendages. Others ran through the streets, claiming to be chased by "bandits with donkey ears", by tigers, lions & other terrifying apparitions. Animals went berserk. Dogs ripped bark from trees until their teeth fell out. Cats dragged themselves along the floor in grotesque contortions. Ducks strutted like penguins. Villagers & animals died right & left.

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A detailed study of a modern medical catastrophe and its aftermath. In 1951, the village of Pont-Saint Esprit in France suffered an outbreak of hallucinatory visions and psychotic episodes, the 'St ... Читати огляд повністю

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