The Bozo Chronicles: The Origin and History of the Capitol Clown 1946 To 1956

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Thomas John Holbrook, 7 жовт. 2010 р. - 605 стор.
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The original "Bozo The Clown" was created over 60 years ago by Alan W. Livingston for Capitol Records.This Book is your ticket for 'A Trip to the Circus.' The show starts at the beginning - learn the origin, creation and history of everyone's favorite clown. Here for the first time is the detailed story of our pal 'Bozo the Clown; and his first 10 years at Capitol Records.A true treasure for fans and collectors alike.Every page within The Bozo Chronicles pays tribute, presents interesting historical facts and so much valuable information, it is easy to see that the decade of work to create this book could only be accomplished with much love for the character. To research the project author Tom Holbrook went directly to the sources. You will be there from "day one" to learn the origin, creation and history of everyone's favorite clown. Through articles, interviews and Bios you will meet Bozo "The Capitol Clown's" creator and many contributors, including character actors, voice artists, illustrators, musicians, and others involved with Bozo's original years at Capitol Records. With over one thousand four hundred vintage images, readers will tour the original Bozo "The Capitol Clown's" history as it happened.

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[Writer Tom Holbrook, the author and Bozo archivist, has spent a lifetime collecting and researching the origins behind this world famous icon. Gathering facts has led him directly to near-endless sources to learn Bozo “The Capitol Clown's” true history.]

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