Talking with Horses

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Souvenir Press Limited, 28 жовт. 2007 р. - 172 стор.
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Having spent a lifetime working with horses, the original horse whisperer shares his secrets to equine communication in this enlightening guide for riders of all skill levels. Through telepathy and extra-sensory perception, riders will be able to build a special rapport with their horses, ultimately learning to think and move together as one. A revelation to read--and an international bestseller when it was first published--this indispensable companion will change any rider's approach to the training and management of horses.

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Про автора (2007)

Henry Blake is the author of Horse Sense: How to Develop Your Horse's Intelligence and Thinking with Horses. He was an expert who spent more than 40 years working with horses and ran a riding holiday center in Wales.

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