Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent

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Elsevier, 21 трав. 2004 р. - 498 стор.
This is a book that will create enormous debate within the technical and the counter-terrorism communities. While there will be the inevitable criticism that the material contained in the book could be used maliciously, the fact is that this knowledge is already in the hands of our enemies. This book is truly designed to inform while entertaining (and scaring) the reader, and it will instantly be in demand by readers of "Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box"

* A meticulously detailed and technically accurate work of fiction that exposes the very real possibilities of such an event occurring
* An informative and scary insight into the boundries of hacking and cyber-terrorism
* Written by a team of the most accomplished cyber-security specialists in the world

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Control Yourself
The Lagos Creeper Box
The Evolution of a Hacker
A Real Gullible Genius
For Whom Ma Bell Tolls
Return on Investment
h3X and The Big Picture
The Story of Dex
Automatic Terror Machine
Get Out Quick
The Making of STC
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Сторінка viii - Chapter 3. the editor-in-chief of 'The Security Journal' and occasional staff member for the Black Hat Briefings. Russ holds an associate's degree in Applied Communications Technology from the Community College of the Air Force, a bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland in computer information systems, and a master's degree from the University of Maryland in computer systems management. Russ is a member of the Information System Security Association (ISSA), the Information System Audit...
Сторінка viii - Russ is a key contributor to Security Horizon's technology efforts and leads the technical security practice and the services business development efforts. Russ is a United States Air Force Veteran and has served in military and contract support for the National Security Agency and the Defense Information Systems Agency. Russ is also the editor-in-chief of 'The Security Journal' and occasional staff member for the Black Hat Briefings.

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Russell is MIS Manager at, has served as an expert witness on security topics, and has done internal security investigation for a major software vendor. He has been working in the IT field for over 11 years. He has a BS degree in Computer Science.

Grand is the President and CEO of Grand Idea Studio, Inc., a product design and development firm that brings unique inventions to market through intellectual property licensing.

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