Secret War in the Middle East: The Covert Struggle for Syria, 1949-1961

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Tauris Academic Studies, 1995 - 246 стор.
Covert action and terrorism have played major roles in the politics of the Middle East. It is impossible to comprehend the intricacies of regional politics without an understanding of the covert machinations that lie beneath the surface. This pioneering work is an in-depth study of the role of covert action in Syrian politics and foreign relations between 1949 and 1961.
Topics covered include the role of foreign governments in manipulating Syria's numerous military coups starting with Husni al-Za'im's in 1949; the covert struggle to remove Adib al-Shishakli which culminated in his overthrow in 1954; the conflicts in the late 1950s between Syrian politicians and officers that dragged in the spymasters of the United States, Britain, the USSR, France, Iraq and Saudi Arabia; the consolidation of power in Syria by security chief Abd al-Hamid Sarraj and his covert battles with Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq from 1957 onwards. Throughout the book, particular attention is paid to the role of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party.

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