Michael Jackson: An Exceptional Journey : the Unauthorised Biography in Words and Pictures

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Chrome Dreams, 2002 - 83 стор.
Synopsis: When the most famous, successful and talented pop singer of all time makes a comeback, the world sits up and listens, the press takes notes and the fans go shopping. And so it is with Michael Jackson, out of the limelight for five years, yet with his new album just released, its as if he's never been away. Yes, 'The King Of Pop' has returned in triumphant style topping charts worldwide, breaking records and receiving rewards. Michael Jackson: An exceptional journey, brings the story up to date, using equal parts newly researched text and both classic and rarely seen full color photography, this book will appeal in every way to his millions of fans new and old. With only two other books currently available on this mega star (and both of these seriously outdated) this brand new visual documentary could not come at a better time.

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