Living Without Cancer

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Contento De Semrik, 14 трав. 2014 р. - 783 стор.
In this unique handbook, the author describes his personal experience in treating cancer from 3 entirely different points of view: As an expert Oncologist, as a physician using CAM Complementary Alternative Medicine, and as a cancer victim himself. Cancer patients and professionals will find this handbook as one of the most exhaustive, definitive and up to date resources of information combining complementary medicine and traditional methods for prevention and treatment of cancer. The handbook is based on Dr. Brenners many years of experience in treating cancer by conventional and alternative medicine, and on many articles he published in the mainstream medical journals, dealing with alternative medicine and its contribution to the tr eatment of cancer. Various complementary and alternative treatments for different kinds of cancer are described in detail. The reader will be able to find answers to many questions categorized by various types of cancer: What is the right diet for specific cancersWhat life habits need changingHow can cancer be treated by hypothermiaWhat vitamins and minerals are most suitable for specific cancersThe handbook describes the effect of food additives such as hormones, enzymes, amino-acids, fatty-acids and herbs on cancer; various treatments for symptoms such as: lack of appetite, diarrhea, nausea, etc..., the effect of food additives on increasing efficacy and decreasing toxicity of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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Про автора (2014)

The author, Joseph Brenner M.D has been treating cancer patients for over 35 years. He established the cancer unit at the Wolfson Medical Center, Israel, which he has been directing up to the present. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Brenner has combined complementary and alternative methods with conventional cancer treatment methods with significant success.Dr. Brenner established the "New-Hope" Medical Center in Tel-Aviv, for cancer patients from all over world seeking the benefits of combining Complementary Alternative Medicine and traditional treatments.

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