Laban for All

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Nick Hern, 2004 - 255 стор.
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A comprehensive 'how to' book on the Laban system of movement - from the author of Laban for Actors and Dancers.

Laban for All offers a simplified version of Rudolf Laban's system for analysing - and annotating - the way the human being moves. It can be used by relative beginners upwards. The reader is introduced to the language and terms of Laban, with each new concept accompanied by very specific, clearly illustrated exercises - each designed to strengthen and deepen our understanding. When the basic vocabulary has been explained and demonstrated, its expressive possibilities in drama and dance are further explored.

The result is a thorough - and thoroughly practical - grounding in the most significant movement system of modern times.

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Про автора (2004)

Jean Newlove was Rudolf Laban's first assistant when he came to England. She subsequently became movement teacher to Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workshop and trained several generations of performers.

John Dalby is a voice teacher, musician and actor who assisted on Laban's courses.

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