Knowledge, Higher Education, and the New Managerialism: The Changing Management of UK Universities

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OUP Oxford, 16 серп. 2007 р. - 245 стор.
The nature of Higher Education in the UK has changed over the last three decades. Academics can no longer be said to carry out their work in 'ivory towers', as increasing government intervention and a growing 'target culture' has changed the way they work. Increasingly universities have transformed from 'communities of scholars' to 'workplaces'. The organization and administration of universities has seen a corresponding prevalence of ideas and strategies drawn from the 'New PublicManagement' ideology in response, promoting a more 'business-focussed' approach in the management of public services.This book examines the issues that these changes have had on academics, both as the 'knowledge-workers' managed, and the 'manager-academic'. It draws on a detailed study of academics holding management roles ranging from Head of Department to Vice Chancellor in sixteen UK universities, exploring their career histories and trajectories, and providing extensive accounts of their values, practices, relationships with others, and their training and development as managers.Drawing on debates around 'New Public Management', knowledge management, and knowledge workers, the wider implications of these themes for policy innovation and strategy in HE and the public sector more generally are considered, developing a critical response to recent approaches to managing public services, and practical suggestions for improvements which could be made to the training and support of senior and middle managers in universities.The book will be of interest to all teaching, researching, or managing in Higher Education, Education policy-makers, and academics and researchers concerned with Public Management, Knowledge Management, or Higher Education.


From Regulated Autonomy to Institutionalized Distrust
The UK Higher Education Systems from the 1960s to the TwentyFirst Century
3 The Knowledge Worker and the Divided University
4 ManagerAcademic Identities Practices and Careers in the Contemporary University
5 Learning How to Do the Management of Academic Knowledge Work
6 Values Public Service the University and the ManagerAcademic
Focus Group and Interview Questions Used in the ESRC Project
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