Horses in Translation: Essential Lessons in Horse Speak: Learn to "Listen" and "Talk" in Their Language

Trafalgar Square Books, 1 . 2018 . - 198 .
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With her landmark first book Horse Speak: The EquineHuman Translation Guide, trainer Sharon Wilsie upended conventional methods of humanequine communication (using words and ropes, for example) with her clear classification of the language horses use with each other (body, breath, and intent), as well as an unparalleled explanation of how we as humans can effectively mirror it. Learning to listen and talk to horses in their language, instead of expecting them to comprehend ours, is a milestone in the progressive philosophy of horsemanship, helping find positive solutions to behavior and training problems and ultimately leading to fewer misunderstandings between horses and humans.

In her muchanticipated followup, Wilsie uses true stories to relate examples of problems and how they were solved using Horse Speak. Her engaging narrative introduces readers to dozens of reallife scenarios from different barns, various disciplines, and riders and handlers with contrasting experiences and backgrounds. Wilsie highlights her Horse Speak process, the clues that point to the best course of action, and the steps she takes to connect with horses that have shut down, grown confused, or become sulky or aggressive for any number of reasons. The result is a book full of incredible insight and exciting possibilities.


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Sharon Wilsie is a professional animal trainer and rehabilitation expert who regularly works with horses for private clients and at equine rescues. She develops and teaches equineassisted learning programs at the high school and college level. Wilsie is also a Reiki Master/Teacher. Her book Horse Speak: The EquineHuman Translation Guide was a breakout bestseller, and she now travels throughout the country teaching her methods and helping others communicate with horses in their language. She runs Wilsie Way Horsemanship from her base in Westminster, Vermont (