Brilliant Psychology: How to understand yourself and other people

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Pearson UK, 29 квіт. 2013 р. - 296 стор.
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Understand more about the mind and how it works with Brilliant Psychology. Bringing this complex area to life, it covers everything you need to know on how we perceive the world, our relationships with others, why psychological problems occur and the key to being happy.

Covering the fundamental aspects of the human mind together with an introduction to the important figures and theories, it’s highly practical with an emphasis on how psychology relates to our lives.


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How you developed
Insight into your personality
How people get along with each other
How and Why people betray lie cheat and fight each other
The psychology of men and Women
How the mind plays tricks
Understanding psychological problems
The psychology of happiness
Further reading resources and key references
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Про автора (2013)

Louise Deacon is a clinical psychologist in the NHS with 20 years experience of using psychology to help adults solve their personal problems. Her current post is at Kingston Hospital and she is also Senior Tutor at the University of Surrey on the Clinical Psychology training programme. She has published articles in women’s magazines such as Essentials; been interviewed on BBC local radio; given talks on psychology in schools. She is also the author of Twilight, True Love and You: Seven Secrets to Finding your Edward or Jacob (Summersdale, April 2011).

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