Bernardino de Sahagun, First Anthropologist

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University of Oklahoma Press, 2002 - 324 стор.
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He was sent from Spain on a religious crusade to Mexico to “detect the sickness of idolatry,” but Bernardino de Sahagún (c. 1499-1590) instead became the first anthropologist of the New World. The Franciscan monk developed a deep appreciation for Aztec culture and the Nahuatl language. In this biography, Miguel León-Portilla presents the life story of a fascinating man who came to Mexico intent on changing the traditions and cultures he encountered but instead ended up working to preserve them, even at the cost of persecution.

Sahagún was responsible for documenting numerous ancient texts and other native testimonies. He persevered in his efforts to study the native Aztecs until he had developed his own research methodology, becoming a pioneer of anthropology. Sahagún formed a school of Nahua scribes and labored with them for more than sixty years to transcribe the pre-conquest language and culture of the Nahuas. His rich legacy, our most comprehensive account of the Aztecs, is contained in his Primeros Memoriales (1561) and Historia General de las Cosas de Nueva España (1577).

Near the end of his life at age 91, Sahagún became so protective of the Aztecs that when he died, his former Indian students and many others felt deeply affected.

Translated into English by Mauricio J. Mixco, León-Portilla’s absorbing account presents Sahagún as a complex individual–a man of his times yet a pioneer in many ways.


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Roots and Education in Renaissance Spain 14991529
Encounter with the New World 15291540
Original Plan for the Evangelization and Rescue
Beginning of Systematic and Global Research
Editing and Expansion of the Tepepulco Material
Arrival of Rodrigo de Sequera and Composition of
Up to the End with Additional Works Unpleasantness
The Legacy of Bernardino de Sahagun
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Сторінка 291 - Señora de Guadalupe de México, comprobada con la refutación del argumento negativo que presenta D, Juan Bautista Muñoz, fundándose en el testimonio del P. Fr. Bernardina de Sahagún; o sea Historia original de este escritor, que altera la publicada en 1829 en el equivocado concepto de ser la única y original de dicho autor.
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Miguel Leon-Portilla is Professor Emeritus of the Institute of Historical Research at the National University of Mexico.

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