Aquatic Exercise Therapy

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Saunders, 1996 - 320 стор.
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An important contribution to the growing sub-specialty of aquatic therapy, this manual provides a step-by-step framework for establishing a rehab exercise program adapted to an aquatic environment. Topics include the diagnosis and treatment of Fibromyalgia Syndrome and the integration of land and wet pool exercise programs.
  • Introductory chapters discuss what aquatic exercise therapy is, how to design and implement a program, as well as the principles and properties of water--providing the foundation readers need to adapt the standard physio rehab model to the aquatic environment.
  • Practical, easy-to-follow exercise protocols are provided for each joint, which help to improve compliance, speed recovery and increase understanding.
  • Guidelines for progression are included for each exercise protocol, enabling readers to choose the correct exercise level for patients, to intensify exercises as the patient progresses and to measure patient improvement.
  • An Exercise Priorities section highlights the most important aspects of treatment for each condition.
  • A review of fibromyalgia delivers a safe, effective exercise routine for this sometimes puzzling condition.
  • A full chapter on integrating land-based exercises into aquatic rehabilitation programs helps readers to develop a balance program.

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