Allosaurus!: The Life and Death of Big Al

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Dutton Children's Books, 2001 - 48 стор.
Allosaurus! The Life and Death of Big Al is the saga of a male Allosaurus whose remains were recently discovered in Wyoming. Remarkably, his skeleton was found intact, allowing scientists to re-create the events of his life. In a lively mix of science and stunning visual images, Allosaurus follows the Allosaurus's tough life from his early days trying to beat out bigger dinosaurs for food to the fierce battles he fought as a teen. Sidebars throughout the book reveal how paleontologists solved the mysteries revealed by his bones. Allosaurus will be featured on a Discovery Channel(r) special in late spring 2001.

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STEPHEN COLE works as a freelance editor while writing books for children and young adults, including the Wereling series and "Thieves Like Us," He lives in England.

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